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A simplistic yet bold hud for TF2 made to cut out a lot of clutter included that of the stock hud. Comes with a range of various vivid colors associated with both low health as well as ammo to make important information easily accessible and noticeable.

Installer/updater by Tree:

HUD Features

Operating Systems Supported?




Mann Vs. Machine
Capture the Flag
Payload Race
Control Points
King of the Hill
Special Delivery
Player Destruction
Territorial Control
Robot Destruction


Custom Fonts
Custom Menus
Extra Scoreboards
HUD Crosshairs
Minmode Toggle
Custom Materials
Easy Customization

Special Thanks

omp - For motivating me to start making my own hud, occasional reference, and inspiration.
m0re - Inspiration, occasional reference.
Whoever makes PVHUD - Inspiration, occasional reference.
My team - For dealing with me and giving me constructive feedback all the time.
Flame - If it weren't for your guide, I couldn't have made this at all. Thanks a million, man.

and YOU, for giving my HUD a shot. <3


Current version: 2016.7.12


- Added in support for matchmaking with the Meet your Match update.
- Added in support for casual with the Meet your Match update.
- Added in the ability to check the "Pyro vs. Heavy" war standings from the main menu.
- Cleaned up the appearance of the store to accomodate for the new update.
- Removed the "Welcome back" section of the main menu, as it no longer works unfortunately.
- Added in support for the new animations.
- Updated clientscheme.res and hudlayout.res to reflect the Meet your Match update.
- Moved the location of the stopwatch time on both casual and competitive modes to be smaller and closer to the player panels.
- Updated the scoreboard to have a larger server map time in the top left corner.
- Updated the scoreboard to display the casual/competitive badges larger for readability.
- (Potentially) fixed a bug where tournament win conditions sometimes wouldn't display.
- Fixed the item notification and recent update buttons not working on the main menu.


Hey guys, I went ahead and made a quick hotfix to the installer. It won't address all crashing issues present already, but it should automatically include the info.vdf file upon installation, removing the need for the extra step of manually moving the info.vdf file from the direct download. If you were trying to use the installer prior and were having issues with the HUD appearing after installation, this should fix it.

Reminder that the installer requires a .NET framework of at least 4.0 to run properly. If the installer is giving you issues, check to make sure you have at least .NET 4.0.

User Comments

Hey, rays! I want to ask a question. How do you change the main menu picture? I don't really like night pictures for main menus, sorry. Thanks!

@Scansy Change the vpk file in material->console to your background
You must open VTFEdit and select Open then save it as "background_upward" and make a copy of it and rename it to "background_upward_widescreen" and you're pretty much done

amazing i have good memeorys back then with this hud Smile
i really loved this hud after finding about custom huds!

OK, this is a question for the maker of this hud, what in the world is wooo_tree? I mean after poking around in the code, I find a sound file that sounds like a person saying WOOOOO, then a scratchy noise, like the sound is being recorded by a computer. Go to custom, rayshudmaster, sound, then ui. Is this just me? And why is it there? Am I missing something? Is my computer possessed?

@zwork101 No, Big Grin if you press the hud version in the main menu, it will make the sound XD

the person making the woo is tree, an old teammate of rays's

the updater or customization doesnt work
it says this application has crashed and sorry for the inconvinience and it doesnt apply my changes

Why wont it show my skins?

can you update this for meet your match. i love the hud thanks m8 ;D

i am not able to unistall please help

Hey rays, the hud seems to not be working with the latest update. (idk why I said this because i'm almost posive your on it)

plz update the hud

i cant play tf without it

pls update the hud

dr.sapper you have to go to the file where you put the hud in then delete it

Its such a good HUD. I don't like the background though- it got too bright and very boring. I also like most of the HUD, but the main menu and some other things I don't like anymore. But please don't change it because of one critic, lol

Pls update the Hud Rays

thanks you so much rays

Thanks rays, I was getting worried!

is there a new way to install tf2 huds that im just not getting? ive tried installing multiple the same way i have been since before the update but none of them are working.

Why isn't my class selection screen like this?

Because whenever i see it i try to select a class and it is to the left side unlike in the pictures (which it's clearly in the middle)

If you use the Installer the Install and Remove buttons are disabled after a tab switch, re-run the installer. It worked for me. Tongue

@Gottagofast could you rephrase that again?

btw i don't use the installer :/

Hey, this is probably a petty little problem and the answer's probably right under my nose, but when choosing a class, my loadout preview is a very low resolution. My resolution is 1366 x 768, but I didn't see this specifically talked about in the 'readme' file. Would be great if anybody knew what's up! Thanks!

I'd personaly like the old scoreboard, is there anyway to get it back?

How do you put the players thing (at the top when alive) at the side when spectating

So how do you get your username on the top of the start menu like in the picture above?

The leaderboard isnt showing all the people properly and is at the bottom of the screen

Does anyone know why I cant see my Teammates and enemys (When i am spy) Health If you do Pls Help

When I deinstalled the hud, and changed it to a new one, a cubic shaped box appeared and i cant get rid of it, and i cant use my 1,2,3,4 buttons

Help pls

Probably the best hud I've ever had tbh

I love this HUD more than VoidHUD Smile

Is there a way to move the chat box to top left corner?

is there any way to check the kills and deaths in scoreboard

How come when i go to pick a class during a game, the render is such low quality?

Amazing hud just please make it easier to enable animations (hit markers) on the crosshair, for the life for me i could not find where to enable the "0" to "1" in the res file

Also the scoreboard is only going half screen

Rays this is the best HUD we have ever tried thank you, thank you for making the best HUDS you ever made keep up the gud work m8.

How do i cange the coulers?

how do I make it say welcome back then my name?

Lol the hud is very very gread budy

Very nice hud m8, but i have a question, can i do change the chat position?

Nice hud, the only nit pick I have about it is I the player model is in the right and class portraits aren't visble.

Only two problems about this: Whenever a Casual match ends and I disconnect, the screen goes black. I fix it by pressing ESC, but it's annoying. I also can't "submit" the TF2 Team's survey. It's still an incredible HUD. Thanks!

The installer crashes when I install the HUD. The progress bar does reach to its end and then it crashes due to an unhandled exception because the installer couldn't find file "HudAnimations_tf.txt." The installer was made by Tree and I don't know how to contact that person so I thought I'd say here. I'm on Windows 10. I downloaded the HUD itself and copied the said file to the scripts directory and after 5 minutes of engineer gameplay, I haven't noticed any major issues other than crosshair literally being lowercase i where the dot is in the center of the screen.

Actually, the i is to the right, not the center of the screen so I literally have to offset my aim. I hope this gets fixed soon because I'd really love to use the installer to customize the HUD!

Thanks for the HUD, got the hitmarker/xhairs working but I'm still trying to get this ( healthcross to appear on minmode.
Also, the "rate quality of match" buttons aren't working, would be nice if anyone can help with that.

When playing Casual game mode, At the end of the game at a random chance you get asked how do you rate the game. You cannot interact with anything when you reach that point. The only thing you can do is disconnect or retry. I've tried choosing an option but it doesn't allow me to, anyone have a solution or a fix?

Here lies: the probably best custom TF2 HUD ever created

I love this hud, its one of my favourites its amazing and the menu is fascinating keep up the good work m8!

hey rays this hud isn't have the minmode toggle. I were trying to toggle minmode in this hud but it just made heath bar, ammo bar smaller and look even more awful.U should fix the minmode and make it stick with the bottom of the screen like ToonHUD.

I really like this but PLEASE fix the Floating Healthbar. Time-to-time: It won't show up at all and sometimes it just lags annoyingly so it makes me to hard even understand what is teammate or enemies HP.

What's worse: That especially in MvM this is problem when I can't see giant robots health bar because floating one doesn't work.

can we have different pictures in the opening menu and in the loading menu? if not how i know which is which?

add for mac plz

Even Uncle Dane likes this hud!

I Really love this hud, its my favourite but for some reason my character on bottom right won't show. I'm using windows 10, its really a problem for me because if i play as a spy i dont know if im disguised or not.
Please Help.

He copied the hud

The scoreboard when the game ends does not load completely in resolutions greater than 4: 3, why?


If you like the look of this HUD, feel free to try it by downloading it. Just click the download button below!

Download (8.93 MB)  

Last Updated: 12-07-2016

If you're unsure how to install a HUD, check out our installation guide to help you through it.


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rays :3

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