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Last Updated: 29-03-2020

HUD Information


A minimalist HUD that removes clutter and unnecessary elements for a clean interface.

Download the FlawHUD Editor here:

To enable Code Pro font: open flawhud/resource/clientscheme.res and remove the _tf suffix from the filename clientscheme_fonts_tf.res

HUD Features

Operating System Supported?
Resolutions Supported?
Miscellaneous Supported?
Custom Fonts  
Custom Menus  
Extra Scoreboards  
HUD Crosshairs  
Minmode Toggle  
Custom Materials  
Easy Customization  
Gamemodes Supported?
Capture the Flag  
Control Points  
King of the Hill  
Mann Vs. Machine  
Payload Race  
Player Destruction  
Robot Destruction  
Special Delivery  
Territorial Control  


Yotts, Cat, Wiethoofd, SleepingBear

Special Thanks

raysfire: For those excellent HUD Tutorials raysW
Nokk: Creator of aHUD, the inspiration for most of the HUD's elements.
Griever: Creator of ToonHUD, his site helped understand how HUDs work.
sevin: Creator of 7HUD, who gave permission to use the new wallpaper
hypnotize: Creator of Hypnotize HUD, created the original edit for the modified dashboard
clovervidia: Creator of the Competitive Closed Captions


- Updated FlawHUD to be compatible with the newly released installer (

User Comments

Amazing hud, going to use it.

I guess you could say this HUD is *puts on sunglasses* FLAWless

pls add training button

Can you change the font?

You can literally change it by your self chow check rays font tutorial video

How do you remove the main menu background?

Great HUD!

My favorite new HUD.

I know training with bots is supposed to be for noobs but I find they make the best target practice for my amby. Would like to see the training button restored.

has any1 else noticed that there's no button in the loadout screen to change taunts? that is my only problem with this hud.

I've sent you both private messages addressing these concerns, however in the future please post them to the HUD's Steam Group so to not clutter this comments section.

when i tried to extract the folder i got an error

can you add a shop button because there is literally no way to go to shop

Wow. Just WOW

Wait wait I found this my new favorite but how do you change the background pleaseeee tell me :3

cant find the killstreak sign

How do you update this hud please help

It's perfect!

uhh creator when i get a new item for some reason i cannot click the traingle to get the weapon i tried with the default it works please fix this-Dr.Crow

It's been fixed, download the new version.

ok thanks

Love the hud but the notification button doesn't respond to being clicked, I'm using linux 14.04

UpDaTe iT

hey critcal i didnt get xp from causal is this because i didnt stray from 1st place to 4th in the leaderboard cx so anyway if thsi si a bug please fix thisNote: i might have not reinstalled this hud :3

this is my favorite hud by far! awesome hud

Linux 14.04, for me where all the arrows, checks or boxes should be there are letters instead, some examples are the server browser and community/competitive selection screens where you select/deselect gamemodes.

hey critical i found a bug,my fov is usaully 80 but for some reason when i go to a round/match its not 80 im not sure if this is a bug or something buts uts really getting on my nervers

why isn't 16:10 aspect ratio supported? ;-;

There's a small flaw in this hud : the team colors over the timer is an error texture. pls fix

Also, if you could add an achievements button somewhere that would be cool Big Grin

You could change the character selector and also the spy's disguise. Leave with the same icons of the characters.
Moreover so far is perfect, my favorite.

Fix the count to resurrect

The missing texture should be fixed as of version 2016.07.17 - the achievement button will be added in the future.

4:3 plz :C

this have lowered mode?

No replays...

the crosshair customization was driving me insane with other huds but with this one i just changued 24 to 25 and it fitted perfectly on the screen, is there anyway that you could add a console button on the main menu?

great hud and easy customization!

I love this hud but is there any way to change the screen instead of space and get it back to default but other than that I love the hud.

Good hud.

Remove the console folder in flawhud/materials

If you want to delete the space background just go to the FlawHUD-master > materials > console and Delete the console folder or u can delete what is inside the folder ! Smile for those who have a hard time not finding how to.

Only one thing that I would love to see fixed. Can't go to the Mann Co. Store while you're in-game. This HUD is near perfect in my opinion other than that.

That's been fixed since v2016.07.23 - the store can be accessed through the little price tag inside the "Items" button box.

there is an update to tf2 fixes and etc

nice work!

Best hud I have been used I like it very much

Uh, the images used for the classes when a
I clicked items are huge now. How do I fix that?

A great hud with one (ahem) fatal flaw. It is 100% useless with the Scottish Resistance.



CTF panel currently looks like this - could you please fix it? :3

A fixed version has been uploaded, just re download it

there's a new update
plz fix it thanks

notify me when its finished

Where's the respawn timer? The numbers at the top are tiny and not very easy to see.

Hey, Do You Think You Could Make This HUD Compatible With OSX (Mac)?

am going to die this Hud Cuz *drinks the rainbow rain* Flawless!!!

This is great

I have been using this HUD for a while now, and I can tell you this. AMAZING.

Some parts of the text in the HUD is cut off, but I'm running macOS. Games + macOS = Bad.
Otherwise, amazing HUD!

Best hud i've ever seen!

Text keeps getting cut off... Why do no HUDs work ;-;

Please post your resolution, operating system and screenshots of the text being cut off on the steam group forums.

I have a BIG problem with the hud :/, when i look the store or my items or anything in the start sheen all the buttons (competitive, casual , coop, servers, etc) fusion and i cannot play with this :/ someone can help me with this?? this is my favority hud T-T

Theres no textures in the store.

Absolutely beautiful. Definitely going to be my go to hud.

ehh CriticalFlaw how i can change the background menu,i didnt really like night background

or remove the console folder in the materials folder

Oi oi, lads. So I have all the subfolders in a folder named "HUD thing" in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom, and it ended up as the stock hud but with a different font...

Not working. Please tell me what i am doing wrong!

When you're a spy the enemy's life does not look good

how do I download ;-;

Can u Fix That?
Im on 1680x1050. pliz fix it i really love ur hud

Hey, Do You Think You Could Make This HUD Compatible With OSX (Mac)?

The map timer has a second smaller timer under it and it has 10 minutes added onto the original time I want to know how to get rid of it

Galactic bg feels off-theme

I love how quickly you update this, criticalflaw! Is there any way to automatically be notified when you release an update?

hey does anybody know if this hud has a custom hitsound cuz my previous one stopped working and I cant figure out why

It does not have custom hitsounds


fix 4:3

Hi, why doesn't the health number of other players turn red when it's low?

Sometime, the health bar turn red when iam still full health,how did this happend.
This hud isn't have minimode toggle but in your screenshots you're using minimize mode.

The team and class selection page is broken, returned to default one with the font messed up with the HUD's custom font.
Please fix this asap, I am looking forward to recording some worst gameplay video in the world with your **FLAWless** HUD, thanks.

Also it's fine when Im playing in normal steam mode, but not in big pic mode.

there is a problem, if you sapped 2 buildings it will only say the first one ;-;

HUD appears to have broken a bit with a recent update. Class, team, and MOTD screens are now defaulting to vanilla TF2 ones and no mouse cursor is available. This makes it impossible to navigate them without console commands and keybinds.

Other elements are broken as well such as objective information on the bottom of the screen and the taunt menu, loadout menu, and others.

There is no respawn timer other than the tiny one at the top and also no kill counter like the heashots and backstabs and revenge and dominations are there but can you make it so that all of those add up into one total kill counter

Hey guys I found how to make flaw hud work on linux

The best hud I've ever used


Great update. I was just thinking this hud hasn't been updated in a while, and my only complaint was the background. And you just updated. Thanks

Holy Shit! One of the best HUDs I have ever seen!

I kinda don't like the Background but i'll change it myself its pretty ez ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)

I changed the BG to this one on Game Banana
I think it suits it better


respawn timer does not display.
other than that, works well.

turns out the respawn timer was just broken temporarily and is working again.

Would like that the page bar in the inventory could be lovered:

Needed to make some adjustments to the hud, lowered the health bar and ammo numbers, removed the custom background (not sure if the halloween backgrounds will work, and the playermodels of the main menu?) and moved the 3d player model to the far right of the screen while in-game.
After that, looks great.

Is there a way to add a hitmarker to this hud for the crosshairs?

Linux support can be added by renaming custom/FlawHUD to custom/flawhud. For some reason, it does not search capitalized directories.

the pip boy for engi, in this hud the build option is broken Sad

Please submit a screenshot and describtion of whats broken about it to our steam group


Where's the "WarPaint" menu in the inventory?

Broken, cannot receive new items (incl. rewards from contracts)

Please redownload the hud, those issues have been as of October 22, 5pm EST

New font is too thin
Also medic's ubercharge meter being really thick compared to other meters is odd

I have a problem with the ammo reserve, when I have a weapon out I the ammo thing is in the bottom right and split in half.Meanwhile the hp count is normal.Any help?

hi, i have a problem using the hud, when im playing in a community server it wont let me queue for casual...

↑sorry, nevermind, turns out it worked ok, maybe i didn't join the pre found match. Nice Hud!

The main thing that looks off the the jetpack meter, but I guess that's kind of a special sort of meter?

Tooltip messages in advanced options are very disproportionate

When I click the "new items!" button, it just flashes for a moment, and disappears from the screen, reopen up tf2 with the same hud, again, the same new items, click, and nothing. An VERY specific problem I have hear with this hud. Creator, pls fix.

Concheror and Cow Mangler meters overlap

I have encountered some problems with FlawHUD. One of them being associated with the Jungle Inferno update, which is the disappearance of the training button, as I can not find it anywhere on the main menu anymore. Secondly, it seems that the recharge bars conflict and clip within each other when using more than one weapon that uses a recharge rate, e.g. Mad Milk and The Sandman.


The update logo and token is slightly messed up on 4:3, any chance of fixing that?

My casual badge did not change help it shows the original badge

I cant find contracts

Top right, above the heart button

how i can turn the hud into 4:3 mode or it turns automaticly?

¿Por qué Mac no?

How to change the scoreboard?

I can't change styles on cosmetics.

If you could change the background into something more TF2ish i would love this HUD WAAY more.

can I get a source image file for the main menu picture?

I love it, however, the Jungle Inferno and Level badge are both shifted to the left, making it hard to see anything. The badge is over the progress bar and my username, and the Jungle Inferno sign is just out of place.

Probably the best HUD out there. Other people are lazy with their huds, or if theres bugs or fonts bad colors or glitchy sizes in the hud, they dont even fix it.

This guy is on top of it all and fixes super fast.


Now Medic meter overlapping with the Target ID Sad

Yes it's the latest version.

Redownload it, just sent out a fix.

Hey, i love this hud and was wondering if you could help me with a problem. In one of the screenshots it shows your teams health/respawn times while dead or in spectate. I've seen this in a bunch of different huds but i can't get it to work in any of them. I play medic in competitive so this feature would be super useful. If you have any suggestions id love to hear them.


Thanks a lot for the quick fix!

The only "flaw" with this HUD is that you can't change styles on weapons or cosmetics
me and some other players would appreciate a fix Smile


actually what i guess what i was trying to ask is how to you switch to a 6v6 scoreboard?

never mind i'm dumb

Y'know for a hud called 'Flaw'hud, i dont see alot of flaws

how can i make the hp number and the ammo number stick to the bottom of the screen?

any chance of a console button due to it being broken nowadays?

I cant scroll up the chat and features like
1. Shop
( etc )
0. Exit

So I can't exit out of those
Fix please

This HUD is amazing I luv it

This is a really aesthetically pleasing HUD in every way, and I love the amount of effort you have put into it. However, if I have one, minuscule complaint, its that when I'm playing medic, if I'm healing someone then look at someone else, their name and health appears over the name and health of who I'm healing, and it's really distracting. Apart from that, great HUD!

What is the font you used?

Thank you for the quick update.

You can't open up your notifications!!

crashes after few minutes "offline/online" dx8 :/

crashes after i try to join a game dx85

crashes after i try to join a game dx85


I've fixed the bug that caused crashes in the latest version


Redownload the latest version, the crash was fixed in version 2018.0415

I love this HUD, but is it possible for TF2 characters to show up in the menu like the stock menu does on Halloween?

Well since the Jungle Inferno update is done, can you update the hud that exchanges the title to Team Fortress 2?

Why does it not work for mac? I'd really like a mac version please.

Pretty Please make a mac version this hud is amazing! I've wanted a HUD like this for a long time.

I would like to report a bug. This image: pretty much sums it up, also this happens when playing in 720p. Otherwise I love the hud.

That's hard-coded by valve and can't be fixed on my end

I wish this worked for Mac.

Dear critical flaw... sheit this writting, i love the hud, but the chat box is in the left up corner of the screen, how could i or .. yeah you make so its on its orginal place over the 3D/2D character or Health?

the charge meter on the pomson over laps with the metal count on Engineer, The marked for death effect over laps with the heath on soldier, please fix

love the new background Smile

Kinda don't like how close the TF button and Quit buttons are together

The charge meter overlap has been fixed in the latest version.

Play and Quit buttons on the dashboard can edited at flawhud/resource/ui/matchmakingdashboard.res

I noticed that theres no icon for the Workshop, How am i going to update my maps


Can you readd the shortcut buttons for some menus, such as in the loadout and inventory screens? It was my favorite part of the hud. Also, the Marked for Death icon overlaps the health for me.

Hey Critical you have a great HUD and I can't thank you enough for your contributions to this community. However, with the latest hud release of 07-11-2018 you changed the find a game button to a icon which makes it so easy to misclick the quit game button if you fix that this hud would be perfect

How can I revert the backpack borders to normal?

can anyone help me. I have done everything right but it still doesnt show up.

The class images on the HUD seem to revert back to the stock ones only when you die.

I love this hud and it's my favorite but, can you edit it so it shows my kills and deaths in the scoreboard, or is there a way for me to edit the scoreboard to show my kills and deaths.

The buttons in the mann co store for the "exit fullscreen" and "zoom" for item previews on models are covered by the play and quit game buttons. I have to press the escape button on my keyboard to leave, but that makes me have to restart my browsing in the mann co store

In 4:3 the Characters are cut in half in main menu. Not only that, when spectating in tournament mode or using demoui to review comp matches only one team can be seen. Would be nice to have a 4:3 advance tournament ui or have them stack on top each other like some other HUDs do.

wuts up fam i saw u on a casual game for the second time in my life. i beat u in that point 1v1 gottem. nice hud- etc, one bug im havin is the fact i cant seem to fuckin hit community servers... its so annoying that it got me to the point of writing down the ips of my favorite servers just to type in connect (IP) in console... and ive been lagging when ive hit the menu button for the first time- same with everything else. maybe my shitty laptop is the reason but whatever.

Update screenshot album.

I did

You forgot to edit spy's sapper meter for MVM.I also want the old size of butons on main menu because i accidently pressed the Exit Button instead of Find A Game Button.

Thanks, I've fixed the sapper meter. For the matchmaking dashboard remove the file flawhud\resource\ui\matchmakingdashboard.res


Upon a bit of close inspection, it seems AmmoNoClip is not vertically consistent with the hp number

i think the ammo counter is closer to the center than the health is
its really bothering me lol

So, I got this hud and I really liked it, but there was something that was bothering me. The buttons in the advanced options were letters. Some were "u", others were combinations of different letters like "f","e","u", and "o". Do you have an answer to this? Btw: I'm on a mac.

MacOS cannot render certain fonts, there's no real fix for this unfortunately.

Nice but CHANGE THAT DAMN KILLFEED FONT TO kelson sans (for example)I USE THE KILLFEED FOR INFO but I can't understand what it says because of the small font

I Appreciate the work of the Hud,Thank you The last time I used this hud it was a space background,But I respect your decision on Changing the background it's a Pretty nice Touch ^^ And I wanted to Add or fix something,Could you Fix or Add the 2d player model hud on the bottom left corner Because As I Select the 2d Model Option it doesn't seem to show the non moving model on the hud,So If you please Add or fix this Please It would be very appreciated,It's Alright if you don't Atleast you try to fix it but I still love the hid itself,Giving this Hud a Solid 10/10 ~❤️ Thank you for Creating the Hud Have a Nice Day

Thanks! The 2D player model issues has been fixed in the latest version.

Some parts of the text are clipped at the top when displayed. Examples are the ammo and health icons when in a game and the class icons in the backpack tab. Is this the hud's problem or is it just me?

I can't even express how much I love this hud. It has everything I need just where I need. Excellent job!

This hud is amazing! But, I can't find the stock weapons button in the inventory. I'm sorry to bother you, if anyone.

amazing hud but i don't like the new font. is there any chance you can change back to the old font?

To enable Code Pro font: open flawhud/resource/clientscheme.res and remove the _tf suffix from the filename clientscheme_fonts_tf.res

Have to mention how shitty the new update is. Made the chat a horrible font for "mac" compatibility". As if anyone with those trash locked up devices could even handle running TF2.


However, when I want to put a Crosshair with the letter or number, it is showing me in-game the letter or number instead of the Crosshair. Pls, help me.

Checkboxes, arrows, and other ui elements are displayed as letters instead of the proper symbols using linux ubuntu 18.04

I can not see the form model of black rose among spy weapons. Could you fix it?

UI elements appearing as letters on Linux and macOS have been fixed in the latest version (2019.0220)

Very cool hud, crisp and the texture is absolutely crunchy and moist. Honestly these might be the best chicken wings I have ever eaten. I think I would give FlawHud a 5 Shapiros out of 5.0684959856

FLAWhud has great concept and I love the look

In arena mode, the element of the number of players on each team appears to be covered/shadowed by another element in the 2019.04.06 update. I think there is another obvious problem too which I can't remember at the moment.

Thank you for reporting it @Chintendo. I've pushed an update that fixes the problem

How can i enable tips during loading screen ?

I use a 4:3 aspect ratio for TF2 and, I don't know if you're able to fix this but, on the main menu screen, when I click on the yellow triangle that notifies me I have something new in my inventory, when it opens, the buttons to view anything with it are off the screen.

Thanks for reporting that @Caboose. That issue has been fixed and you can download the fixed version here:

Say, does this HUD support transparent viewmodels?

Is there any way you could fix the bug that makes your health bar red even when you respawn with full health?

im pretty new to this hud anyone know if and how to change the backround? i just think it's a bit dark.

Can you add the MOTD to the main menu because it's being used again?

Very nice HUD super clean. But i have one problem, in my left down corner i just see the normal tf2 character and not myself. Sad
How can i change this?

@Qball I've uploaded a new version today (2019.1012) that has the MOTD button on the right hand side of the main menu.

@Jakoby That's a setting you need to toggle in advanced options (Use player model in player class HUD) or input cl_hud_playerclass_use_playermodel 1 into console. Thanks

Thank you!

Thank you for the fast answer!

I noticed that whenever I'd hit an object it'll always display the same bullet hole, regardless of material.

That's not a HUD issue.

som far the best hud for tf2 only thing pls add 5:4

I dont have ammo displays

Not sure if this was answered yet, but the latest update to this HUD doesn't support the launch option -full, but the previous versions do. Will you patch this?

pretty epic hud if i say so myself, the only problem i have is that the little buildings menu in the left side keeps moving to where the chat is. is there anyway for me to fix that?

There is no weapon when I play with scout. That would be great if this problem be fixed

Nice HUD !

Warpaints and festivized weapons are not fit properly and are stretched on the killcam and on the inventory icons with black bars at the bottom.

Could you put matchmaking status? like of budhud, it would be cool.

Is there a discord for this HUD? Or like a complete guide on how to customize everything?




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