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m0re Hud

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Last Updated: 27-03-2020

HUD Information


Clean and very functional Hud, Originally made by m0re!
One of the first huds ever made, this hud has been around for years.
I updated and tried to improve this hud, but always trying to keep his original look as much as possible!

Screenshots - More Infos and Installation - TF.TV

HUD Features

Operating System Supported?
Resolutions Supported?
Miscellaneous Supported?
Custom Fonts  
Custom Menus  
Extra Scoreboards  
HUD Crosshairs  
Minmode Toggle  
Custom Materials  
Easy Customization  
Gamemodes Supported?
Capture the Flag  
Control Points  
King of the Hill  
Mann Vs. Machine  
Payload Race  
Player Destruction  
Robot Destruction  
Special Delivery  
Territorial Control  


m0re: for creating this hud
Gunblade, Zimmy, NinjaDC, Zen: for updating this hud during the last years
Broesel & Knuckles: Crosshairs

Special Thanks

Omni, Doodle, Flame, Rays: For the amazing hud guides

And thanks to every one that helped me fixing this hud!


- Added some more customizations and overall improved the pre-existing ones!
- Added some buttons to the menu to quickly fix the hud, sound, invisible players as well as turn off and on captions, chat and netgraph
- Added support for closecaptions
- Added the support to quickly go thorugh the loadout pages by using the 0-9 keys
- Added the possibility to tweak the loadout playermodel. Zooming, Rotating, Moving it around
- Improved MatchStatus
- Koth timer now properly shows the active side timer color
- Overall improved the hud, a lot of files now use a element pinning system which I hope will also improve the positioning on lower resolutions

User Comments

This is my favorite new hud! Definitely love the font, the colors, and the overall cleanliness of it.

Is there any way you can add the highest killstreak into the winpanel?

If i can find a way to add it without changing the whole winpanel, why not!

It look so cool! Gonna try it out. Hope you won't discontinue this HUD.

Make the smaller numbers an option

Gotta agree with BeastDabest, make the number smaller

I am working on it, will be included in the next update

no advanced option rip rip rip

Settings > Multiplayer > Advanced

look pretty promising

funny how it's called moreHUD but on the main menu it shows less ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

put the m0rehud-master folder in my custom folder and hud's not working. I installed 4x3 files and last damage numbers and nothing's working. It just shows default hud

Inside the custom folder you need to put the "m0rehud" folder, the one that you find inside the m0rehud-master to make it work (you can also follow the installation guide file, might be easier).

And yeah about the customizations you just need to copy the folders inside the customizations and then copy and replace them over the normal hud files.

The Hud looks amazing but it needs the feature of wearer`s current status effects from flat hud

It doesn't work on me and i'm on windows 10 plz help

Are you getting the default hud instead? If yes check if you installed it correctly and follow the installation guide file!

Got it working thanks

thanks for minmode!~

Looks like brosel's hud, nice.

Well Broesel is based on m0rehud thats why!

Thank you. It can be difficult finding a HUD that shows team health. I need it for my Medic.

Really liking this hud, i use it all the time! Here's some improvements ideas:

- Put the bar meters (e.g. Mad Milk, Sandman, etc) next to the player model
- Background opacity to 0.50 for the scoreboard & win panel
These are personal preferences, if you don't want to implement them, it's ok Smile

Plz make for a mac, as a med main this hud is literally sex

The hud might work for mac already, the mainpage says is not supported just because I can't test it out on a mac system.
So yeah there is a chance that the hud works perfectly fine on mac and linux as well, you just need to try it out.

@Hypnotize This hud pretty much works perfectly for mac, apart from the fact that the four buttons on the main menu (streams, contracts, news and notifications) show up as letters instead (even with the font installed). Nonetheless, this is a great hud and you are an angel for updating so many huds. Thank you!

P.S. The readme file says "esitate" instead of "hesitate". It doesn't really matter but I noticed that.

Hypnotize keep update it i love it

Love the hud, thank you for keeping it updated Hypnotize!
May I ask what was in the latest update (11. November 2016) ?

Nothing important, it was just a new font definition that valve added so... I added it right away to the hud just so I don't forget to do it the next update.

@Hypnotize It doesnt work for my mac, is there any suggestion you can give for it to work. I have a fps cfg installed but that shouldnt matter to much right?

@S▽O No the fps config shouldn't matter, and the hud is not working at all (like you are getting the default hud instead) or is just a font problem?
For now check if it's installed correctly (there is a installation guide file inside the hud, try to follow it).

@Hypnotize Ye its installed correctly. Im just getting the default hud instead. Idk what else to do.

@Hypnotize Everything works well on mac just to give a bit of feedback. I have a problem..I am stuck with the 6v6 scoreboard in casual mode and would like to have the 12v12 scoreboard please in casual mode

when i pick up a healthpack the +100 hp is at the class model and not next to health, does that happen cus im using the 16x10 files or is it supposed to be like that??

Yeah is supposed to be like that Torkoal!

I got a problem my screen goes white when i join a game when open in game menu i can see everything when i at start screen its normal so every game i join is white screened. Please help

I'm sorry but that doesn't tell my much Sad ... maybe you are missing a folder/file and that results in the hud being broken, try re-installing it following the guide and be sure to include the basefiles folder other than that I don't really know.

i really love the look of this hud but, I can't seem to get to work anyone or the owner of this hud pls help

what do you mean deadkiller?

Looks like the Default version just a little bit of the default

Thanks for the update, the new health cross is nice SeemsGood

Not sure if it's intentional, but the damage numbers seem to have gotten bigger, possibly one of the customizations that I used ( team color healthcross, blue theme, last damage done enabled for health cross ). Haven't checked if it's specifically one or a combination that makes it happen, let me know if you want me to check.

The health cross last damage done customization makes them bigger yeah. Actually it has always been like that, I don't really know why.

I'll make it size 18 like the others, I think it makes more sense that way.

Oh, that's odd, everything else seemed to work ok though, thanks again Big Grin

Can the disconnect and quit button not be so close together, i frequently exit the game. I love everything else about the hud tho great job!

One little thing. When you play engi, and theres a ton of chat, the chat kinds blocks the building thingy on the side, making it hard to see your buildings health and stuff. (Screenie: If you could move it so the chat doesnt clog up the building thingy, it would be greatly apreciated.

How come when i download it and press the Casual button it merges the MVM menu hud and the Casual menu hud, for example in the middle of where selecting maps is it says BOOTCAMP etc etc, and i cant join a game because of this, there are like 2 start game buttons in the corner so it doesnt work. Basically what im saying is the MVM menu overlaps the Casual menu and it makes it not possible to start a game, no matter what i click.


Last time I checked the arena win panel wasn't working properly, has this been fixed in the latest update?

I fixed it time ago, i tried it before and works fine for me

Worst hud ever, when i installed it all my keys on keyboard got messed up, my weapon quick switch does nothing, my e key no longer allows me to edit class, and all my binds dissapeared!

I don't really think you know how to install a hud then... get some help or read a guide dude.

Hud =/= Config

where can I find the file/text in the notepad for the uber under the crosshair?

It's HudMedicCharge.res and look for "ChargeLabel" should be at the very start of the file.

How do I change the colour theme and stuff?
You can find and change all the colors inside the colors.res file (m0rehud/resource/scheme/colors.res)

Or if you just want to install the blue theme all you need to do is install the normal m0rehud the go to the customization folder open the theme-blue folder, copy the resource folder and past it over the old one.

I only have Fonts, Crosshairs, and UI but not scheme in resource

Oh yeah because I introduced it only yesterday sorry, if you still have the old version (which still works 100% don't worry i just changed 3-4 little things) it should be inside the resource folder, look for colors.res.

I found it now but how to i change the colors from there? I cant open the colors res file. This is all too confusing just to change a font color haha

Ohhhhhh never mind I figured it out! Thanks for the help. Smile

Could you add linux support?

Some of the users said that the hud is already compatible with linux and mac, the only things that might be broken are the icon fonts. The reason i set it to not supported is because I don't have the possibility to test everything on a linux/mac system.

Can you please add the Training Mode option?

Please make the main menu customizable.I freakin love the HUD but the menu hurts my eyes.

Tell me whats wrong about it at least!

Wow, it supports linux perfectly Big Grin

Hey man, I love the Hud but I had a few questions about customization
1) is there a way to move the chat to the bottom?
2) is there a way to get rid of the uber bar at the bottom?
3) the default numbers are a bit too big and the small font in customization is the size of the scout screenshot (which I find a bit small) . What I was wondering is how to get the number size that's in the middle (like the one in the soldier picture)

never mind on the number size (didn't realise that was the default size) but also do you know how to move the crosshair uber up a bit
thanks again!

1) To move the chat open the resource/ui/BaseChat.res and right at the start where it says "HudChat" etc set the "ypos" of it to a bigger number like
2) Open resource/ui/HudMedicCharge and search for "ChargeMeter" then set the "wide" to "0" if you want to move the uber labeel under the crosshair is always in the same file but you need to work with "ypos" of "ChargeLabel"

Have you tried to use the customization called Smaller Font already or you only tried the Minmode one?
Keep in mind you should install these customizations before you edit the uber stuff, otherwise you need to do them again!

Thank you so much. I love this hud, the only thing id recommend is to make it so from the class selection screen you can press e to go to the loadout screen like in other huds. But that's about it, great work on the hud

I actually wanted to do that and I eventually forgot, thank you so much for reminding me this Big Grin

Maybe next update, can you add a Training Mode button?

How would you go about editing the main menu screen to have the Jungle Inferno things (saxton and the explosion background)? I really like the HUD but don't like the mannworks main menu background.

Crashes the game whenever i join any type of server

is it just me?

Fixed and added the new backgrounds.

The Phlog's Hmmph Meter and the Thermal Thruster's Meter overlaps with eachother

I can't seem to get to work, can anyone help me?
Contact me here:

Whenever I join a server the game crashes, ive tried a couple things, but im not sure whats up.

I already fixed that after the halloween update, download the newer version.

ok, thanks works like a charm now

How to customize hud? Can you make HudCustomization site?
Like one that ToonHud Creator have.

The hud doesn't work for me Sad

Oh nvm I found out that you have to drag m0rehud file not m0rehud-master

I found one problem.It doesn't show the killstreak..

yes it does, in the customization file in the morehudmaster, there is a folder with a killstreak option and drag it into the appropriateplace, and you have killstreaks.

Hi, could anyone solve the console problem?

Is not fixable! in fact you get the same problem with the default hud as well.
You can still click on the morehud button if you need to use it on the main menu!

I like the battle hud, but the menu is so bland and dull. and the find match button isnt on the top right corner

is there an update on this HUD from the recent update?


is there a way to get a custom menu background with m0rehud?

hud crashes tf2 when opening the matchmaking menu

AUTO there is a steam guide on how to do it

how to delete this bar at the bottom of screen on med

I like this hud. This hud kinda reminds me of broeselhud, Yeah the hud that SIN uses. Well it’s kinda dead and I think this is a perfect replacement for people who liked broeselhud. Although I think the scoreboard needs some improvents because you can’t see everyone’s score (Especially for people who just joined and got a kill) But still I think this is great. Keep it up man. Smile

This hud was made way before broesel hud (Keep in mind I'm not the creator m0re is).
As far as I know broesel was made a bit after and based on what m0rehud was at the time.

Anyway disable the minmode to get the full scoreboard! you can use the scoreboard button in the main menu as well as cl_hud_minmode 0.

Can you please add rog`s crosshairs?
I really like them, but I don`t know how to add them.
Other than that, It`s my favourite hud!

I have a question, where is the killstreak? I can't find it, or am i blind?

@Hello There.
The killstreak is as customization that means it is disabled by default but you can enable by adding the
"Killstreak Icon Enabled" you can find inside the Customization folder.
If you don't know how to use customizations read the third f.a.q. about it here:

Thanks, i just noticed that, anyway thanks for the help, i already know how to use customizations.

I have done that with other customizations that i like, same thing with the killstreak icon.

Hey just wanted to say, this HUD works perfectly on Mac! I don't know why it says it doesn't?

It says it doesn't work cause I don't have anyway to try it myself to see if everything works correctly like it should, but anyway I guess I can set it to supported now since I got some reports of people saying it works fine.

i was thinking how could i change the custom crosshair ("small cross") colour from white to green?

@spook zaumazz
"fgcolor" "0 255 0 255"

This is one of my favourite HUDS now i think its definitively one of the more unique huds and il hope you keep updating it

Does not work on Mac, help?

As I said many times I don't have the chance to test it on a mac system but I got many people telling me that it works just fine and thats the reason it says its compatible. I'm not sure what the problem can be sry.

It works on Linux

Any way to disable the white flash outline around the cross when overhealed?


Is there any way to resize damage numbers? Currently it is very small and i cant see it clearly.

@noh (2)
resource/ui/HudPlayerHealth.res > "PlayerStatusHealthBonusImage" > "xpos" "9999"

You need to change the font of resource/ui/HudDamageAccount.res > "delta_item_font"
so instead of "M0refont18Outline" you might want something like "M0refont24Outline"

You can choose between these font sizes:

Broken main menu hud fix

is there a way to make font smaller? is there a way to make it smaller. (its on M0refont18Outline already and on mac)

it doesn't look very big in the screenshot, but on a 13 inch screen it is huge

You litterally commented under every single hud saying they are broken, how about you read an installation guide before doing that...

I'm not sure which font are you talking about, M0refont18Outline so i guess the damage numbers (?) but they are not in the screenshot you posted. just let me know precisely and i can help you change it.

dw i fixed it

Hey, I'm loving this HUD, but I have two questions: Is it possible to replace the TF2 font? And when I die, the weapon that the enemy killed me with doesn't show. Is this a bug?

will you be updating "BX - M0REHUD"

hey, can you please add a "console" button in the menu?

The weapon not showing is volontary, about the font if you mean the tf2 font used for the menus etc than yes it can be changed by changing all the TF2 Build and TF2 Secondary inside Clientscheme_Default to another font

@RhiaN =pb
the one on my github is already, last tf2 update was 1 year and a half ago so.

The M0REHUD button is designed to work as a console button




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