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Updating Outdated HUDs (A Video Guide by kermit)
Kermit, the developer behind JayHUD, posted a video guide on how to update outdated HUDs of the past for the TF2 of the present.

Kermit posted a thread about the video, where he updates QTCHud, on the forums and cites:
kermit Wrote:Hi. For a while now I've been wanting to do a video that shows people how to update outdated HUDs, and this week I finally made it. In this video I show the basic process that I go through when updating an outdated HUD. The method isn't perfect but as long as you aren't a stickler for having everything 100% perfectly as they always were this should work fine.

In the video I don't go into many specifics as that would have taken even longer to do, but I believe that most things should be covered sufficiently enough to work. I did forget to go over updating winpanels but to be honest I've found it easiest to just take the default one and work from there. I also forgot about inspect/item panels but honestly I don't think they really matter enough to go back and add into the video, that and the default ones are decent enough. If there's anything else you'd like covered either ask in the quick questions quick answers thread or ask here and I, or someone else, will most likely answer.
As self admitted, it's not perfect, and a few things are missing from the video. However, something is always better than nothing, and a good video guide is always useful for HUD Development.

You can check out the video below, and if you're so well inclined, check out Kermit's youtube channel along with it, as well as JayHUD.

Is it possible to update prismhud?
I am trying though prismhud doesnt seem to be the same as here

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