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Last Updated: 29-05-2020

HUD Information


classic omphud, updated to 2020 with all sorts of new goodies tacked on

HUD Features

Operating System Supported?
Resolutions Supported?
Miscellaneous Supported?
Custom Fonts  
Custom Menus  
Extra Scoreboards  
HUD Crosshairs  
Minmode Toggle  
Custom Materials  
Easy Customization  
Gamemodes Supported?
Capture the Flag  
Control Points  
King of the Hill  
Mann Vs. Machine  
Payload Race  
Player Destruction  
Robot Destruction  
Special Delivery  
Territorial Control  


zimmy - the control point icons
hypnotize - the hud fixes Smile

Special Thanks

omp - for omphud
omni - for being my hud guru
doodle - for his hud guide
rays - for being rays


May 28, 2020
- added console and demoui buttons to main menu

May 17, 2020
- updated with hypnotize's fixes

December 28, 2016
- twitchified stream panel

December 21, 2016
- added options button to lobby frame

October 16, 2016
- stylized for new matchmaking popups
- removed tournament elements from casual/MM pregame readymodes
- fixed damagedplayer event lag (thanks sigsegv)

September 28, 2016
- updated hud for new matchmaking system

August 25, 2016
- added playlist-closing animation upon selecting a game
- re-added sliding animation of main menu buttons

August 24, 2016
- added fancy new animations to the playlist menu

update 2

- fixed main menu buttons disappearing after joining a game

August 15, 2016
- restyled training and replay browser windows
- adjusted location/size of casual/comp/mvm labels to align them with the main omphud label
- fixed keyvalues error in clientscheme
- fixed positions of casual player panels
- adjusted position of names in ready-up panels
- fixed crosshairs not showing properly
- added a secret

July 31, 2016
- added new ready-up panels

July 30, 2016
- fixed casual team status panels overlapping

July 27, 2016
- adds new store panel

July 21, 2016
- adds new BGs to main menu (process, sunshine, metalworks, and viaduct)

July 19, 2016
- adds find-a-game button to ingame menu
- adds report player button

July 12, 2016
- updated for matchmaking

June 22, 2016
- added new comp popup

June 7, 2016
- updated store to new style
- other color changes to panels, buttons, et cetera
- other things I forgot

June 2, 2016
- widened quickplay results panel

May 29, 2016
- updated to fog xhairs 3.0

May 28, 2016
- re-added create party button in MM
- updated vote hud
- update teamselect menu

May 27, 2016

User Comments

flatline you're bae.

man thanks for bringing this hud back

It'd be great to see this get a Steam group at some point - it's always nice to know when a HUD's been updated.

tftv thread my man


Is there a way to make 'A' and 'D' scroll through the backpack? Also, is there a way to make 'A' and 'D' go forward and backward at any server menu (panels that appear when you first enter a server)?

Thanks for remaking! My main HUD before :>

I was wondering if you could add "Q" to back out of a screen while in your backpack or looking at load-outs.

@jin A+D navigation is already in the backpack

i can do the second thing but i don't want to

for no real reason just not at this moment in time

i dont know that im just shit putting this hud ingame or the update does this but plz fix

Can't access server browser when already in a server. Fix pls.

I only wish that you can change/edit load outs when pressing "e" like in flathud when picking a class. other than that it is amazing

can you add medic screenshots to the album for charge meter and stuff

Can you please support 4:3?

@celty done

@flarebear 4x3 is a gigantic crock of shit to work with
but most of the hud already supports it anyway so give it a shot i guess
your mileage may vary

Hey, is there any way you can remove the promotional codes button ?

Hey flatline, is it possible to remove those portraits and stuff at the top of the HUD like it shows in ?

It's quite annoying and honestly it adds nothing, do you know what file controls that area so I can remove it?

@kiwec i have no idea

@paradise hudmatchstatus.res delete "teamstatus" and it will either leave or go to default, you could also try just moving it off screen

Yeah it worked! Many thanks flat.


The casual matchmaking player status bar at the top seems to be all sorts of screwed up for me.
Also, the panel that shows the weapon that I was previously killed by, has off-center item name & stats.
The name of the person who killed me is also in an unusual spot, and it's covered by the panel that shows the weapon I was killed by.

Other than those things, the HUD is absolutely perfect and I will use nothing else but this one if that fix happens.

I deleted the "view promotional code button" data from menuoverride in custom/omphud/ resources/ui and it disappeared from the main menu.

@bla the item panel stuff is unfixable, valve like broke it
casual panel is already fixed i just haven't committed it yet

The hud crosshairs don't work and it just makes it into the letter I put for the labeltext.

@B-Primus are you on mac? you probably have to install the xhair font

Is there anyway to change the casual and competitive menus back to normal? I don't really like how it just takes up like a little part of your screen. I'm not great at hud editing so yeah :/

@psychstab it is basically impossible and will just break everything

Hello, how would I change the color of the left over ammo from green to a different color? I looked through the code but could not find it.


Quick question, my game menu disappears after I join a match. How do I fix this? I've installed the fonts.

should hopefully work on macs

I don't know why but my menu disappears during a game! Can someone tell me how can i fix this problem?

My gamemenu disappears when i'm any type of game. If i wanna join another game is need to restart tf2. Plz fix Smile

this is fixed now

the menu still disappears for me v.v ;(((

update you nerd

Nice HUD, but (for me, not sure if anyone else has this issue) the find game button broke after joining a singleplayer (console "Map Itemtest" as ex) or (probably, didn't try it cause the Find Game button broke) casual/competitive.

The menu is fixed, thx. But now if i'm in a game, the play game that brings you to the selection screen of Matchmaking, casual... doesn't function. If i hover over it it does light green but when clicke doesn't function as said. Plz fix Smile

same ^

it works totally fine for me. update your hud. you may have to doubleclick the button.

Hey flat, is it possible to edit something on the files to go back to the previous main menu? Don't like how it brings up a sidebar for the new game mods, I liked it better when it was all compressed on the small list.

(I also tried using an older mainmenuoverride but it didn't work.)

Hey flatline! could you please add the settings where you could easily edit loadouts by pressing 'e'. For example during game i can easily edit my loadout by pressing; , (hover over a class) then press e.

I have a problem in your HUD, where after I disconnect from a server, the "Find a Game" button does nothing.
Please fix it, your HUD is amazing.

I'm having absolutely none of the issues you guys are having. Update your HUD to the most recent version.

And by that I mean completely re-download it from because there is no way to auto-update.

For some reason crosshairs.png is just a black screen for me. Do you have a direct imgur link I could view?


Can you add A+D navigation for crafting?

been having the problem with every hud ive used after the comp update (using omphud) still dont know how to fix the shit. my resolution is 14:9 if thats important

my monitor resolution that is

if it's happening across multiple huds it's not an issue with omphud

Looks like 1366 x 768 doesn't work with this one. :/


I play on 16:10 and the health+ammo font is huge on my screen. Doesn't even look like the right font :/ Anyone experiencing this?


I installed this after that, uninstalled another after that, I installed it again..


Sorry about my vague comment, here's a better one.

First off I know this is technically the 1366x768 resolution's fault, but it'd be nice if omphud was compatible with it.

The issue is mainly the words' position; it is slightly downwards then what it should be.

All other HUDs work with 1366x768 by the way.

this should not be a resolution issue are you on mac?

No I am not a mac, I am on windows.

then i have no idea

ah, that's okay then


With the casual/mm fixes I might just use this hud again


Tried it, and it doesn't show the menu when I click 'Find a game'

that was due to some github messups by me, it should be fixed now


Thanks man

the "find game" button does nothing, and i tried redownloading but it doesn't do anything.
it just kinda leaves a blank space like this-

Works fine on my end. Have you downloaded the most recent version?

I like the hud but there isnt a coin in the competitive and casual lobbies.

not there on purpose

This HUD reminds me of my old, highly modified, VoidHUD.

And it gives me the cummies

Can you add 4:3 resolution?

you're free to dl it and try it on 4:3, just be aware that some things might be misaligned

oke thanks

Flatline another problem i cant see my ping on mvm

Flatline why you dont update the flathud?

i do LMAO wtf are you talking about

i don't update them at the same time because they are different huds and i don't do the same things to them

OHH sorry then

The hud is non functional. Find a game just opens an empty menu

I think it's a problem with hudlayout.res because some elements are cutting off like health and killfeed-text



if u could make the scoreboard fit to 4:3 1280x1024 that would be lovely

4:3 isnt supported

ok Sad

When i click 'find a game' nothing comes up

I'm new to custom huds and such,but i have a question how do you add the killstreak counter?

One thing that is really annoying is how whenever you get the match rating pop-up you cannot close out of it, so it will come up while im typing or voting and I can't click out of it

Plaese make 4:3 resolution supported!

hey flatline, loving the hud, but would like to make a few suggestions, mostly about quality-of-life things, like being able to press escape to leave screens in both the servers and character loadout menus. Having the ability to cancel casual voting would be nice too! thanks for keeping this hud updated

will there be an hud update for the jungle inferno update?

the hud update for jungle inferno plz


Uptade pls.

If this doesn't get updated I will cry for like at least 3 minutes.

Yeah what rulebrkr said. cry cry, sad face

Bring it back to life

Hey um flatline how to do i fix the *Find A Game* button
Because there is a *disconnect* button on the top right in the main menu how do i fix that??

And i cant get rid of the *disconnect* button in the top right

Can you make it 4:3 compatible please? i want stretched resolution. I love ur hud but I play on 4:3 stretched

it crashes when i press find game Sad what am i doing wrong

For me when I click on "find a game" it just crashes the game

looking into it


are you sure? i just downloaded the hud and it crashes for me as well

"The find game" button is not fixed currently. Redownloaded the HUD and still the same issue. Crashes the game. No problems with creating your own server though. didnt update it, fixed

Thanks so much dude. Nice to see this HUD back.

i not have text(

Whats the damage color ?


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