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A modern looking HUD for Team Fortress 2. Mostly inspired by material design.
Install the fonts. It will fix your symbols being numbers. Go to mkHUD/resource/fonts, select all, right click, and click install. Restart TF2 after.

More Screenshots:

HUD Features

Operating Systems Supported?




Mann Vs. Machine
Capture the Flag
Payload Race
Control Points
King of the Hill
Special Delivery
Player Destruction
Territorial Control
Robot Destruction


Custom Fonts
Custom Menus
Extra Scoreboards
HUD Crosshairs
Minmode Toggle
Custom Materials
Easy Customization


Extended credits:

Inspiration from:
broeselhud (feeling & broesel)
ahud (Nokk)
materialHUD (Rawrsor)
cbhud (CoBa)
rayshud (raysfire)
wavesui (extracrispy)
ToonHUD (Griever)
omphud (Omp)
omnibombulator (noto)
solarHUD (Stochast1c)
Hudas Iscariote (redd0t, cirlo, b4stian, Quartz)
yayahud (yttrium)
PrismHUD (JarateKing) HUD modification and HUD Q&A thread

Thanks to:
Knuckles (crosshairs)
truktruk twitch sub discord for finding bugs


May 25 2016
- Release

May 31 2016
- Added 16:10 support. Made quickplay result dialog wider.

June 2 2016
- Added full MvM support. Essentials should be edited, and the HUD should be usable. Please let me know if I messed something up, I don't play MvM often.

June 3 2016
- New backpack, crafting, and class loadout menus. The hud is not as VTF reliant as much now. This should be able to be used in all resolutions. 4:3 support is coming very soon, seeing as there are very few things I have to fix up. Unfortunately, I had to move the stream panel down by like, 15 pixels. Hopefully it doesn't detract much from the look.

June 10 2016
- Support for 4:3 and 5:4 resolutions.

June 11 2016
- Added MvM and Competitive menus. See post #49 for images.

June 12 2016
- New animated background
- Moved the time limit and stats to the bottom left of the screen to improve compatibility with different resolutions
- Adjusted almost every element of my HUD to have rounded corners
- Adjusted some colours
- New backpack borders
- New material VTFs
- Slightly different stream panel
- New capture point icons (Better drop shadow, and different colours)
- Better looking target IDs
- Better looking tournament hud
- 6v6 scoreboard (enabled by enabling minmode)
- And more stuff I probably forgot about

June 20 2016
- Got bored of the animated background, and it didn't really feel like it fit. Removed it, replaced it with a slightly edited version of Upward
- Fixed the CTF icons being reversed
- Added HealthAccount
- Added low ammo animations
- Other stuff I forgot

July 8 2016
- Overhauled the main menu
- Updated for MYM
- Competitive/MVM/Casual lobby screens will be updated soon, just thought I'd get this update out before I get people asking me to update the HUD.

July 10 2016
- Moved competitive KotH timer out of the way so it doesn't clip with Matchmaking UI
- Fixed the win panel not showing up
- Changed the menu backgrounds for the loadout/backpack/crafting menus
- Slightly adjusted the loadout menu to fit better with the menu
- Fully edited all of the lobby panels. (Casual/MvM/Competitive)
- Changed colour & font of killfeed
- Slightly adjusted the class selection menu to fit better with the main menu and loadout sub panel
- Adjusted the colour of the tournament topbar (wasn't the same compared to the other top bars)
- Added support for the in-game buttons (report/mute/vote)
- Fixed promotional codes and VR buttons showing up on the main menu
- Fixed the new store menu not showing up (I probably will be editing this, but it is definitely a lower priority)

July 14 2016
- Fixed the casual menu so map selection works
- New targetid

Sept 17 2016
- fixed winpanel for 4:3 and 16:10 res
- fixed spectator hud for 4:3 and 16:10 res
- made control point icons compatible with sv_pure 1 servers

Dec 26 2016
- added the new casual buttons from a while ago (i'm late oops)

Oct 2 2017
- Fixed health animations not disappearing after death

Oct 23 2017
- Updated for jungle inferno
- There's still some visual bugs but this works and the menus look decent enough.

Nov 20 2017
-fixed overlapping item panel

User Comments

Dude i lub it

I like that there are many new huds and this is the best I've seen in a long time

This HUD looks very good, and i like it, but could you make it compatible with 16:10 screens. Thanks, keep up the great work!

Make it compatible for 16:10 screens please, it's absolutely adorable!

AMAZING HUD!!!... but seriously, where are the create server and offline mode buttons?

made it compatible for 16:10.

create server and offline mode buttons were removed. you can create a server by typing a simple console command. i don't see the point in having the buttons there because of that

does this mean issues with text getting cut off were fixed?

no. those issues are things i can't fix unless i made a file for literally every single resolution, which is not something i want to do

what are the files for the quickplay panel and loadout menu

I can't easily edit the hud colors in clientscheme.res. I understand if you went and just redirected the hud colors to be defined by the premade colors, but that just leaves little room for editing them.

None of what you just said makes sense. I had no intentions of having additional colour schemes for this hud.

I love this hud! Could you possible make it compatible for 4:3?

Currently working on it.

How did you get your Cp points like that? I really like them and would like to use them in my own HUD Smile

You go to HudLayout.res and pander to the lowest common denominator. Then you import that into replay/thumbnails. Enjoy.

Nice hud nimtra.. Good Job Big Grin

hey rev for some reason my buttons on the main menu such as the stream button and news button show up as letters and numbers, any idea how i can fix this?

^ try installing all the fonts of the huds, you can find those in resource>fonts, select all the fonts, right click and select "install"

Im like this HUD but when im want to go training not have the button. if you add this button i will like so much!

is there any way to remove clutter vtfs that can lead to massive fps drops?

Most of this HUD relies on VTF files. So unfortunately, no. I haven't seen much of a drop for me though.

9.6/10 very simplistic hud, gonna use it <3

I see,but i still love this hud.Its just I prefer more fps so yeah pardon me

it feels so good

That's good SCRAMPE

I love it there is just one minor problem for me, the symbols in the top right corner show letters and numbers instead of their respective symbols. For example the options button is a "1" and the shop button is "o". If I could get some advice on how to fix this that'd be great. Thanks.

install the fonts

I am, astonished...

Please help me when i try to disquise as the spy none of the options or characters show up please help me and i am also having trouble with the symbols in the top right corner being numbers and letters

how i have this crosshair with OUTLINE?

So Mister Nimtra..
This is literally THE best hud i have ever seen...
After BubbleHUD got abandoned i couldnt find another hud as good as that one. Until now.
I cant recommend anything.. You've got it all Smile
Just bring back the class icons on the disguise menu..
I dont have any problems with it but sometimes i forget the order of the classes.
Imagine how would a newcomer feel.
Anyways, keep up the GREAT work! Smile


Thanks for the quick update, I only just started using this awesome HUD and I didn't want to immediately lose it Smile

Thanks for being so dedicated to updating this hud! I really appreciate that! Nice to not have to look at the default hud for too long after the update.

IF YOUR HUD looks like this:

Install the fonts. They are located in mkhud/resource/fonts

How can I enable 32 player scoreboard? Now I can only see 6 per team.

I like this because it easy to see but font look like android.

@CCX Minimal mode is on. Turn it off and you'll see 12. I don't have support for 32 player scoreboards right now.

@Naisivakorn That's exactly the look I was trying to go for.

The background doesn't work for me, there is just a pic of heavy or pyro. Is this because of the "Meat vs Match" update. Also, does anyone else have this problem? This happens to me on all the huds ive downloaded this day.. ;_;

Where do I go in the hud files to edit the colours of health and ammo? I used bwHUD before and all of that was in clientscheme.res.

Please, update pass time hud. It's annoying to see the default pass time hud coz it's big.
(Sorry for bad english).

this hud supports linux... you just need to install the fonts... also badly aligned texts for small screens... resolution is 1366x768 and ratio is 16:9

Everything pretty good. Only thing I wish for is if you make an alternative spy disguise menu which includes the number and class.

Is there a plan for cleaning up the HudPlayerClass.res file? It would really help in fixing my problem with not being enable to use custom crosshairs! Thanks alot.

This hud is beautiful and well done. There's just a few things I have noticed:
1. load screen image doesn't show the map you're loading (stats would be a nice touch)
2. chat should be in the top left corner so it doesn't overlay deathcam stuff (and is more out of the way in general imo)
3. if you're going to show that much of the 3d model why not show the entire character?
4. Scoreboard caps at 12 even though there's plenty of room for more

Could you add console button to the main menu? Would be epic. thx

mvm menu broken? the ready screen overlays the next wave's bots.


This is great, but when I travel I use my mac and sadly I can't use this on a mac Sad Great hud though, thanks for making this!

works on mac

nice HUD

@invenciblegamer Definitely doesn't work on a mac. For example, look at the main menu — the plus button isn't fully shown. In fact, all circular buttons like that one don't show properly — the bottom section is cut off and about one third of the right side of the circle is replaced with the left side of the circle.

mate there something i'd want u to change or tell me how to do it

when a person is low on health..eyes of spy his health is not showed in red can u pls help

0/10 can't create server

@WPG - Team Pyro! just type in the console "map (insert map name here)"

10/10 Best HUD I've ever used, no doubt.

Is there a way to change the colors of it?

Is it just me or is there no button for toggling scoreboard?

scratch that. found out that cl_hud_minmode toggles scoreboard.

Can you make this compatible with MAC please?

Hey, I need help on how to make the chat box bigger. It can only fit 4 lines of text!

This IS compatible with Mac. The only problems I'm having though is the plus sign on the main menu is cut off, which doesn't matter. Another problem on Mac is that when in the crafting menu thing, when selecting an item to craft you cannot go backwards

Hi, Nimtra i would like to say a problem.... Its that you can't create a server with dis Hud could you fix it? thanks

Also could you add a Toggle Console button to the main menu? :3

@Gaben #GEWP
To create a server, open console and type "map (map name)"
Press the button under escape/next to 1 to open console

Another few problems with this hud on mac:
Half the menu fonts don't work
All buttons with with a circle background are cut off
Some text shadows are messed up
Text typed in console are barely visible, like it's transparent or something
Text upon creating/joining a server is cut off sometimes

Every hud is usable on mac, it's just that they don't function as well as they do on windows, since macs render the fonts differently, the fonts show up higher up than they're supposed to be.

Can i change text in "EXIT BUTTON" or "BUILD/DESTROY MENU" and etc. ?

Well, nevermind i figured out how edit these texts

and i forgot 10/10 best hud

@Psychstab Actually if you go into the files I just had to install the fonts, so the fonts work. I don't experience any problems with the console, except for at the top of it where I can drag it around it is transparent. Let me just say it isn't as bad as you think, and I've been using it for a couple of months now and will definitely use it when I get my Windows computer. Smile

Is there a way to get hitmarkers?

can you make the characters a bit bigger? like when you select them? love the hud also and when you play.

No button to create offline server? smh

One complaint: What about the diguise thingies for shpees?

also, imo, the loading screen is ugly as hell. can you fix that?

(I'm meaning it's a LITTLE bland)

Dude, i loved your hud, but needs a Create a Server button .Please do this

I use it on my windows computer.
Most fonts work on mac but I specified the MENU fonts don't work that well. And that is even after I installed the fonts.
It's not too bad, but it's not perfect for mac.

I'm new to getting mods, and I'm kind of confused. When I finished everything the mod only changed some things in my game but a lot of things, like the scoreboard, main menu, and most other things aren't changed.
Could someone explain to me how to fix this?

The hud looks awesome, but I would much prefer having more information on how I'm doing - damage etc. over a fancy minimalistic design. Also, a bigger health and ammo numbers, which would be a bit closer to the centre would also help.

I love the hud, but there's a few things that bug me a little. Numbah one, the loadout and stats on the loadout/inventory screen are only half visible and are clickable have the time. The other thing is some of the text. Chat text in servers is a little big so some things are cut off, and the text inside of the casual que-up is very small. The last thing is that the leader board doesn't show all 12 people at a time. Tis' all. Besides's that it's a very nice hud.

This HUD has potential, but there's a few bugs that bother me. For one, the chat font has black pixels behind it, and it makes the font look inconsistent. For two, the menu background is quite wonky and if you get rid of it, it makes the HUD look totally out of wack. For three, some of the mini menus like the update menu, the voting for next map menu, and the contracts drawer menu look like they should be fixed to fit the HUD. Other than that and a few other tiny glitches/bugs, I'd say this HUD is good. If those are fixed, I'd be very happy. Smile

nice hud.keep update it

This is my favorite hud of all time but it does have one big issue. When using the Loose Cannon and any shield together it only displays the charge time for the shield when you have your melee weapon out.

Hey! This hud is amazing!!! It is clean and has some great texturing! U did a great job man. But i wanna ask u something. Could u make the charaktermodels in the class selection menu bigger like as big as the menu, becous in the moment, in comparisond to the menu they are very small.

looks like an android os themed hud. not saying its bad, just unique

How do make a server and what does the plus sign do?

If I may ask, how do I change the crosshairs? I can't seem to find out how and I've yet to find any guides that explain it, I've found the crosshairs image file but I don't know what to do with it.

I'd use this full time but its a pain in the ass to customize for personal use. It's probably my own ignorance, but i know it's not as easy to edit as AHud or Rayshud.

It's a very well done project, however

The survey menu is currently broken

this is one of the most beautiful huds i saw

for some reason the spy disguise menu isnt working???

It's significantly glitchy, however I do love the aesthetics and the "I have neeew weapon" troll on the main menu.

Look/Feel: 10/10
Usability: 3/10
Overall satisfaction: 7/10

Keep it up.

Where is create game not in menu???

I've been using this HUD for a while, and I am still in love with it! Excellent job!

Here are some suggestions that I want you to fulfill:
1. Add a 32p scoreboard option
2. Fix the Create Server button, because clicking it will open up the Find a Game menu.

I really like this HUD, but i have a suggestion

could you add the "be a coach" button to the main menu? I want to help others out
thanks for making the HUD mate


hud will be updated by the end of this week

not a fuckin robot cant pump this shit out 2 days after the update lmao

You are currently missing the War Paints tab of the Items menu. Please fix soon Smile

Drop notification is totally broken. Overlap with menu.

I can't see the notification for new weapons.

Hello, ive been using your hud since jungle inferno update, and i have to say, its one of the best ive had. Only 2 problems that i dont like and probably other people too that use it. The first is the scoreboard, it only shows K,D,A but it would be nice if it displayed more, like damage, headshots, Second is the chat, the chat box is small and font is big. Would be nice if you fix

Ok here's the problems with this HUD, one the notification for new items is missing, two the war paint icon isn't there (you know the one were you can inspect war paints), three the inventory, crafting, trading and catalog buttons are off centred from the icons, four is the score board the little white score thingy yeah that's at the bottom left on my screen not top left, these are my main problems if I find more I'll make another comment about it, now this isn't suppose to offend you sorry if that's the case, I'm just saying update the HUD, cause just saying this is the greatest HUD I've seen its smooth, clean and modern. Not to over the top or TF2 style related it's just "there" amazing HUD but please update/fix these issues.

Dude, you tried downloading the HUD again. And installing it again?

This is a really nice HUD! Although I do have a few comments to say about it.
One, there is no respawn timer whenever you die.
Two, the war paint menu is broken (although I never use them)
Three, the charge meters from the new Jungle Inferno update are from the normal TF2 HUD and need to be updated.
Although these bugs are minor, they would help to improve the overall quality of the HUD. 4/5

Hello, I came to i love the HUD ,but there are a few bugs in it. One of the bugs that I noticed is that the notification bar isn't showing up

Overall, I love the HUD, its nice and clean with a modern and sleek design, unfortunately though I have found a few bugs with the HUD, first is that the notification button doesn't show up, second is that I can't seem to find the disconnect button for the HUD. Thats all I found so far but I'll report back if I find anymore

Also, just some nit-picking, I have seen some HUDs put text in the top-left corner of your screen when loading a match, this text says the map in big text, and the gamemode in small text underneath the map name, I personally like this instead of small writing saying the map name directly in the top-left corner of the screen...

Okay, the disconnect button is working for me now, so it's just the notification button that doesn't show up

the notification for new items still does not appear


If you like the look of this HUD, feel free to try it by downloading it. Just click the download button below!

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Last Updated: 11-21-2017

If you're unsure how to install a HUD, check out our installation guide to help you through it.


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