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Fully updated and improved broeselhud

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Mann Vs. Machine
Capture the Flag
Payload Race
Control Points
King of the Hill
Special Delivery
Player Destruction
Territorial Control
Robot Destruction


Custom Fonts
Custom Menus
Extra Scoreboards
HUD Crosshairs
Minmode Toggle
Custom Materials
Easy Customization


feeling - developer
broesel - original HUD

Special Thanks

Wiethoofd, Benroads, Sevin


No Changelog has been submitted.

User Comments

In the screenshots, there is a picture with the hp and ammo from the normal broselhud, how do I change it to that?

Go to resource/ui
Rename "hudplayerhealth_numeric.res" to "hudplayerhealth.res" (rename or delete the old one)

please update, it doesnt show the HP

uhmmm... i forgot to put the basefiles folder in my hud folder sorry about that

thank u so much for updating this hud it is my favorite and the best hud

the main menu doesnt work

yeah mate the main menu shows up like normal


why is the main menu like normal?

this hud works fully on my mac, I think this hud supports mac use

the custom main menu does not work

Main Menu is broken.

hud doesnt work for me. I tried everything, please help.

feeling your hud does not work man is there anything to do?

Other than the main menu not working, do you think you could add the old school surface font as an alternate font?

can you make it so that the font is smaller(numeric hp)? just like the original broeselhud?

Bro why it doesnt change the menu... and how can make health to be only numbers.. i mean not with the plus icon???

There are no gamemenu.res and mainmenuoverride.res files. Please change that.

Update it the menu is the normal one

Hello I have question how do you remove the cross in broselhud(blu)?


Not working the message button (sorry bad eng)

I really like this hud, I had so many huds before and I think this is the best one so far for me!

OMG, i finally finded the STAR_ 's hud.
the legend is true =:O .

Hi feeling, How to make the hud show the health numbers only?

Can you make the main menu like the default hud pls

They dont use Mac

Even tho im on windows 10

nice hud Big Grin

How do i install this hud? It does not work if i put it in my custom folder. Plese help!

the hud doesn't work now, is it fully up to date? Please check because this hud is the best. Smile

how do you get rid of the health cross?

? can i have custom crosshair?

Thank you so much for continuing to have a "quit" option in the right place. The Jungle Inferno changes ruined so much stuff, I found myself forgetting where it was and quickly entering "quit" in the console instead.

I love this HUD, keep up the good work!

i cant install it. because of error massage. 'unable to connect to github sv. please check your internet connection'. how do i clear this massage?

PLEASE Update for post-blue moon update!!


so this no longer works now or i can still use it?

Guys so you want to see the Health and the Main menu + the true broeselhud so to do it go to broeselhud then click the info theres a numeber 2 then change it to number 3 so you can use the hud and to see the health is go to hudlayout.res on the script folder and right click it and press open with notepad or anything after the go to basefile theres a hudlayout.res too open it then copy the Hudweapon ammo in the script Hudlayout.res then paste it on the other hudlayout.res delete the Hudweaponammo in the other Hudlayout.res then scroll down copy the Hudmediccharge in the Script Hudlayout then paste it in the other one and your done in the health and next the real broesel hud Health go to the resource/ui find the Hudplayerhealth_numeric.res and hudplayerhealth.res rename hudplayerhealth_numeric.res to hudplayehealth.res and rename the old hudplayerhealth to hudplayerhealth_numeric.res

Can anybody help me fix the positions of the mmph meter of the Phlog on pyro? Even though huditemeffectmeter.res file works perfectly on other classes, the phlog meter overlaps the ammo box and its hard to see.

AFAIK there is no way to join a friend's party or did I just not find it?


If you like the look of this HUD, feel free to try it by downloading it. Just click the download button below!

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Last Updated: 28-01-2018

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