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Last Updated: 05-04-2020

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A Team Fortress 2 hud inspired by whayay's yahud and rays' rayshud.

Wiki (installation, customization, etc)
budhud Discord

HUD Features

Operating System Supported?
Resolutions Supported?
Miscellaneous Supported?
Custom Fonts  
Custom Menus  
Extra Scoreboards  
HUD Crosshairs  
Minmode Toggle  
Custom Materials  
Easy Customization  
Gamemodes Supported?
Capture the Flag  
Control Points  
King of the Hill  
Mann Vs. Machine  
Payload Race  
Player Destruction  
Robot Destruction  
Special Delivery  
Territorial Control  

Special Thanks

Testers / Advice: Auzzie, HunnyBunny, ly_dee, powah, et al
Font: Lato, by Łukasz Dziedzic |
HUD Resources: doodles |
HUD Help: flatline, JarateKing, omnibombulator, rays, Wiethoofd
Custom Icons: Freepik |


I tend to make a ton of minor updates to the hud; the best place to view changes would be here:

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Awesome dude

I'm second

I have not tried out any of the new versions yet, but I've had a problem with the voice command menu each time. The problem was that each time I would say a voice command, it would freeze the game for a few milliseconds to a second. If you try to figure out the problem at all, I would appreciate it. Also, this does not happen to any other HUD I use, just to clear things up.

Hm, that's odd. The only thing I could attribute to that is uber tracking. Do you use that by chance?

Also, my response time here may not be the best -- the best place to post bugs/issues/etc would be in the Steam group, since it notifies me (and I have no life and am usually on Steam):


The hud looks beautiful, first off. However when I start up the game I'm having trouble starting a game. When I press "find a game" nothing happens (I am on Mac).

pls update this hud

It looks great except that when I click on the "find a game option" it does nothing. I am on a mac if that helps.

It looks great except that when I click on the "find a game option" it does nothing. I am on a mac if that helps.

i can't instal it even tho i put the budhud waster and budhud master zip

Doesnt work, did the standard putting in custom folder and vpk stuff, any ideas?

Find game button don't work


Nice to know people are having the same problem

Ah, apologies friends; I do not check these messages/get notified of them (the best place to get in touch with me is in the Steam group). I'm unfortunately taking a break from updating the hud as I've lost a lot of interest in TF2 as of late. I may return to it in the future, but I don't want to set any expectations Sad

Heavy:It's Perfect
MedicBig Grinanka cammarad
Soldier:You're Real Good Sun,Real good maybe even the best

sorry about the Big Grin and the Sad

HUD has been updated! Big Grin

I like the design of this HUD, but I got some requests.
First of all, I would like the button training in the main menu, because I use it when I want to play against bots.
In game menu, I couldn't find the alert button (I mean, the notification one, when you found an intem)
And finally, when I choose a class, there is no button to change loadouts. I would like when press the E key like in other huds.

With these things added, it would be the perfect hud for me Smile


Is gud hud r8 8/8.

Hey, great HUD. Just wanted to point out that on my Mac when I play soldier my viewmodels are broken for shotgun and melee. Also the shotgun uses the rocket launcher reload animation

I don't really know what's going on, but if you could fix it that'd be greatly appreciated

The only thing the HUD could affect is your viewmodels and their transparency; no commands are force-loaded that could cause animation issues.

@Iuwoh this is a bug on valve's part, i get it too when I play tf2 on an offline server on a mac.

Huh, that's a strange issue.. hopefully they're aware of it

How do you get the scoreboard to be more than 6 players

cl_hud_minmode 0

is it possible to get the chat on the bottom left corner?

I just left a message in the hud group, but for anyone else:

change the "ypos" value to something like r50. r makes the element start at the bottom, so r50 will make it 50 pixels above the bottom of your screen. If it's too low, raise the value.

Where is the Training Mode button? Have you taken it out? If so, can you please update the HUD so there is a Training Mode button on the main menu. I actually use Training Mode to try out new weapons, try new loadouts, etc.

for some reason the hud isnt working on my mac. Rayshud works abd this is a varation of that right? HELP ME WHISKER

I don't quite know how transparent viewmodels work, but from what I see in the files there are 2 versions of both required files, Mac and Windows. I run on a Mac, would that mean I delete the Windows files to activate transparent viewmodels?

Wow you so fast update the hud.Nice hud anyway

@Sir Reginald Von Bartlesby: I'll add that in a future update.

@S▽O: I'm not sure what to tell you; I have people who use it on Mac, Linux, and even Bootcamp with no issues. Are you sure it's installed correctly? Check the wiki here:

@pls let me dance: Check the wiki here --

@BoulderCrusher: Thanks! Smile

I can't view my "alerts" on the main menu. Is there any other way to view them? I get the alert that I have an alert, but I cant access them. Help please?

Hi, I really like your hud. However, I wanted the chat box to be at the bottom left and not top left. So I changed the y-position 200 down in the BaseChat. Whenever a game is about to start, the game shows those two doors being closed, and at this point, the chat box goes up to the top left corner instead of the bottom left corner. How come it does this? Whenever I hud_reloadscheme it goes down again...

I really like your HUD, however. I'd like a few things fixed. First of all, fix the You're on your way while loading, because it strikes with other elements of the HUD and makes it distracting. Second of all, put a shortcut while picking a class, like press E to change the loadout and back out again. I hope you fix these issues in the future because I really like your HUD, but for now I will stick to eve HUD.

is there any way to make the chat be on it's normal location instead of the top of the screen?

@Alino: It appears in the tiny TV as an exclamation point

@The Raven From DK: You have to also adjust it in the animation files. Go to: \budhud\scripts\bh_hudanimations\bh_general.res and change the two ypos values (default is 5) there. You should see the two entries for chat at the top.

@Lillie: I'm not sure what you're referring to. Are you on the latest version of the hud? My server connection screens do not overlap at all. For your second concern, I didn't really see any reason to have that given that you can just hit m by default to adjust your current loadout, but it should be easy enough to add those.

@Toon_link2: In `\budhud\_budhud\resource\ui\basechat.res`, you have to change the ypos value of "HudChat". You also have to change the animation ypos to be the same as I mentioned above.

(just note that this is my old name) needs offline training

Great Hud, No problems, atleast not so far.

Could you please put a counter for how many classes there are on your team in the class pick screen Smile

@(PH) Cyrvs127: Sorry about that, keep forgetting. I added a note on my github. The next time I work on the hud I'll try to include it somewhere. I'll need to find a decent enough place for it, though.

@ıllıllı Sqυιℓℓ ıllıll: Glad to hear! Smile

@Eric Enchilada: I believe this only exists when the server is running in a competitive variant (mp_tournament 1, etc). In casual/regular pubs, it won't show up. I could be totally mistaken and this is a thing that could be added to regular play, so let me know if you've seen this with other huds and I'll investigate!

I like this hud.
The only thing I think is lacking is the fact you can't go to your loadout from the class selection screen.

doesnt work at all for me which is a shame because i really like this hud, when i delete all my other huds and put this one in place and go in game it shows the default hud

I'll add a key you can press when hovering over a class in the class selection screen; does that seem good?

@scy7e: You're moving the entire `budhud` folder over, correct? Not just `_budhud`? Check out this installation video to verify:

I took the folder with the hud and moved it to the custom folder. but when i open up tf2, it shows me the normal hud.

I would read up on the wiki here just to be 100% that everything is being moved over properly:

the hud is great but my crosshair is not in the center of the screen, how do i fix that?

What resolution are you on? You may need to adjust the wide/tall values of the crosshair in `\budhud\#customization\_enabled\bh_crosshairs.res`

it did not work when i start game i only wanted transparent viewmodels and my no explosion mod

It's a really nice hud, but a console button in the menu would be fantastic!

If there is one that i missed, where is it?

There's one problem i can't fix.... Why is my icon (ex: When i use Vaccinator it's so big above of the HP)
so big?? Can you please help me...??

I use to love your HUD but......I want to fix that big icons...

And please how do i change the metal/ubercharge bar into your crosshair???

My grammar sucks so bad

pls add training mode cuz i play alone

i saw you comment thanks whisker!

Hey. How do i access my pending alerts/item drops? I cant find it on the pause/main menu, and pressing the button on my loadout or backpack only takes me to the pause/main menu.

Does it not show when you have intell or is that just me?

I got some requests. I would like the button training in the main menu, because I use it when I want to play against bots. Luv your Hud but i need the training button. THANK You...

This hud looks flippin fantastic! Had to kinda guess on how to install, (put the master folder into the custom folder lol) But it looks really good. I especially like how the loading box clips over the colored bars while they still flash and stuff, looks epic.

Since a lot of people appear to want it, I'll look into a way of adding the training and console buttons more appropriately.

@MClogic: When you have a new notification, it appears on the menu inside of the Twitch Stream TV in the center.

@Eric Enchilada: It should, yes, but I'll add that to my list of things to check to make sure it's still working properly.

@Hot Air Intake: Totally unintentional, but I like it too =). It is a bit harder of an install with how the hud is designed, but this adds more functionality in terms of customization (which I hope to do the next time I get a second wind for hud editing).

How do I get rid of the loading screen class stats?

Why is there a Jackie Chan when you open the tournament menu thing??

Hello there, could you add an option to make the main menu buttons have an outline? Thank you.

Nice hud, I'll try to play with it

Docent work... I have installed many huds before this one and it doesn't seem to work for me. It's a shame I really wanted to use this one Sad

Wait never mind i'm just an idiot, it works great and i love it!

Its the best

When i try and install the hud, it won't show up in the game, am i doing something wrong? Please help.

The only problem that I have with this Hud, is that when you play MvM the timer before the round starts is missing. Other than that this hud is probably my favorite and keep up the amazing work updating it!

@Luigi: I would go through the installation tutorial on Github again just to verify everything is being placed in the correct locations.

@๖Mistuh Q: Huh, that's strange. I'll look into it. Thanks for the compliment!

@๖Mistuh: This will be fixed in the next minor update to the hud, thanks for pointing that out. The text is a bit small at the moment, but hopefully it will be sufficient

i'm not a big fan of the background. But it's a friggin great hud.

The gif background can be removed by going into `\custom\budhud\#customization\_enabled` and moving or removing the `bh_menugif` file. Glad you like the hud otherwise!



Is there a way to change the overheal color?


How to change the 6v6 scoreboard to 12v12 ?

idk if i am causing the problem or if something in the hud is broken but: names of teammates are broken when you hover over them with your crosshair. there is just an empty box or only some symbols of the name

@afternoon: Colors can be changed in \budhud\resource\clientscheme\bh_colors.res. Overheal is controlled by bh_HealthBuff

@A.e: In cosole, put cl_hud_minmode 0

@shakez: that's strange, I don't have this issue on my end I believe. I'll double-check though.

Hello! How can i change teammate's health bar back to the cross (and numbers on right) like in this screenshot?

Hi, I tried to change the overheal color by editing the bh_colors.res and making bh_HealthBuff and bh_HealthBuff_t to "000 255 128 255", but the overheal numbers are still white.

@Ratt the Glutton: This was removed in a previous update, but I'll add a customization so you can get it back in the next update.

@afternoon: I've heard about this from a few people, let me look into it again.

@afternoon: this should be fixed in the next update

I'm having the same issue as shakez, could it be something on my end?

How do i change my healing color to green? In which folder? Thnks in advance :") to customize patient's health icon?

Oh, nevermind, i got it. Thanks!

it doesn't work :p no matter what i do nothing happens

When i look at a team members name it doesn't appear. Is there a fix to this?

@shakez, @an actual cat, @Lumpy: a temporary solution is to set this in console:
tf_hud_target_id_disable_floating_health 1

@Mello: All colors can be controlled in \budhud\resource\clientscheme\bh_colors.res

@Second2Last: Can you elaborate? Others have the hud functioning. What OS?

Thanks Big Grin

thank you whisker, that command fixed it

Hey HUD not working on OS X or OS i think please fix it its not showing the hud btw the pics look so cool damn if i could only see that hud on my mac

How do i get one of the custom crosshairs?

What is the deal with new item drops (the notification) when i enter a loadout it shows that i have a notification for it but when i click it nothing happens nor do i see the notification in the menu

And why is there no XP bar when the match finishes? The amount of xp i gain shows, but the XP bar does not show, only the medal

@ Emil ♡:
Check the wiki here --

@Sanctus Dominus:
For your first question, the notification is sometimes invisible (I don't know why). I'm not sure if it's a TF2 thing or a budhud thing. In either case, if you have a new item you should still be able to click on the TV icon on the main menu and it should pop up. If you don't have a new item, it will just load the stream list.
For your second question, this is unintentional behavior given how the EXP bar currently is set. I may be able to fix this in the future.

How can i change the font?

When viewing loadout, instead of rotating the class, it rotates them horizontally (aka in a circle) instead of round and round. Is this because of any update or what? I'm on Linux.

Incorrectly displayed, the final board of points, the status of the casual level, the band of experience
windows, 16:9

The hud don't work for me for some reason i put it in the cutom file but it just show the normal TF2 hud

This is a bit complicated to answer, but this video might help:
I know it's probably a bit more complicated than other huds, but once you figure out how to do it, it lets you swap between different fonts whenever you want.

@NGin #TF2SP: This appears to sporadically happen to me. Does it happen all the time for you? If it only happens every so often, I'm 99% confident it's a TF2 thing. The whole rotating class thing wasn't actually built for the loadout menu, so I think a bug like that is bound to happen.

@Alcone: This will be fixed in the next update!

@Reverse: Have you checked out the installation instructions here?
A quick summary: Download the hud -> extract the zipped file to `budhud-master` -> move the entirety of `budhud-master` into `\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom\`.
You should then have a folder in that directory titled `budhud-master` that contains these folders: #customization, #users, _budhud, _stream_, _tf2hud, cfg, materials, resource, scripts, .gitignore (can be deleted), info.vdf (can NOT be deleted), (can be deleted).


Can't switch between Competitive and Casual medals.

The cog is hidden to the top right of the medal on the main menu; it appears when you hover over it

Can u update the hud to automatically change the healing to green, im not used to see blue as a healing.. Thanks ?b

When i change the rgb on bh_colors.res, i received many error in my tf2 console.. :/ (maybe im dumb)

power meters on mac are messed up (the font coloring is) *great hud though*

@The Notsees:
Interesting, are they pink?

No they are a whitish color that blends in with the power meter but looks out of place because the coloring stands out random on edges and makes it hard to read and messes up my OCD. Wish I could send a screenshot to show you what I mean.

Is there any way I can change the color manually?

ah, unfortunately that's an issue on TF2's end; as far as I'm lead to believe, Valve broke the ability to change certain aspects of the meters (as far as colors go) Sad


thanks though for responding

This is an amazing HUD and I absolutely love it, thank you for all your work on this because it really makes my experience much cleaner Smile

Hey, I have been using this hud for a few days. I couldnt help but mention that it always crashes my game 2 seconds into a server or game. I have made sure that it wasn't my config. Please I would like to get a fix for it as I really like the hud.

@Ghastly Gibus: Glad you like it Big GrinD

@「Deadly Rooster The 1st」: hmm that's strange. does it happen every time, or only sometimes? what OS are you on? I haven't heard of anyone else (yet) having similar experiences, so I'm not sure what to tell you as of now unfortunately. Generally speaking, if the hud is causing a crash it's consistent/happens every time you try to do something, and for a number of people.

Hello, I've recently downloaded the hud and it's really great and clean but I found a relatively small problem with it where a lot of the screen just goes white when I open the MvM upgrade menu, try to use the training mode or receive an alert. Also, this is also very small, but I think the advanced options menu should have brighter text as it's a little hard to read. Thank you!

@SnIckerdoodle: Huh, that's quite strange. Does this happen all of the time, where it's a white background? Or every time one of these elements pops up? And I agree with you on the advanced options menu colors, I need to improve those.

This always happens with only these specific things that I took screetshots of. These plus one that I forgot to mention, where it does the same thing with the time limit thingy. I've added another screenshot with an example to the Imgur album that I'd linked in the previous comment. I've also noticed that other people using budhud, like Uncle Dane, don't have those issues. I've tried redownloading it but it didn't work and I don't really understand this sort of stuff very well so I don't know any other possible solutions. Thanks anyways Smile

I'll add you to try and figure this out

No mater what I do I cant get any huds to work. I have tried everything I can find. Can you please help.

Its a nice hud very clean and to the point(i like the jackie chan thing you did there) but i started to get nasty lag spikes when i play with this h U d

Nice hud, I enjoy it very much. But I have two problems. First of, I cant find the settings (maybe Im just blind or so). Second the scoreboard only shows 6 players per team and I dont know wether this is intentional or not.

Ok I found the options and yep, I'm a dumbass

I need help with the crosshair colors when i try to get whayays crosshair to yellow instead of white my hud just becomes green or pink and i have followed the instructions but it still makes the hud green or pink..would like some help!Big Grin

Ok, shit hud the fucking ammo count'n stuff some times just fuck don't show up?!? WHY!!!

Sometimes the objective info just disappears, no way to get it back I believe :/

@IAmBadman: hahaha, don't worry about it. happens to all of us Smile

@caiz: What do you mean the hud? Is only the crosshair changing to green/pink or is something else changing as well? What RGB values are you using?

@Soggy Pretzel: Thanks for your thought-provoking and well formulated input, valued patron.

@a damn large pile of shit: I haven't personally experienced this. I just pushed all of my latest file changes, maybe try reinstalling and seeing if it still happens? If it continues to happen: when does it disappear? on death? and by objective info do you mean control points/payload?

Hey, this is by far my favorite hud. I have noticed that the player models look different, my question is: Did you change the position/pose of the player model? And if yes could you make a customization file to make them like they used to. Or maybe it is an issue on my end. Thanks in advance Smile

Actually fucking amazing

Q: Does the spy's disguise icon flash onto the screen whenever you disguise / break disguise?

When i have the hud installed, the Style button won't drop down so i can pick the different style of my cosmetics, i don't know if anyone else is having this problem so.

the hud is fundamentally broken on my end and nothing i've tried fixes it, i'll let a screencap do the explaining;

@pringlehead degenerate halfbreed:
It's disabled by default, but can be enabled

@Nova (4):
This is working on my end: are you on the latest version?

Must be on your end; haven't heard from anyone else that they're having such issues. What OS are you on? Do you have other lingering hud files in your custom folder that could be causing the issues?

i figured out the issue; it conflicts with my old gfx config, i reinstalled tf2 and budhud works just fine until i install my old cfg

very gud always use it and it looks GREAT

@WɆX?: that's weird Sad tf2 can be finicky like that

@Prison Mike: thank you for the kind words! Smile

Bh_Ammo_Size doesn't work it makes the shadow of the ammo reserve sit outside of the ammo

For anyone wondering how to fix it just go into bh_ammo_size and change the xpos to
under ammo in reserve shadow

good catch, I'll re-work that customization file

Hello, Whisker.
I'm going to be frank. I absolutely LOVE this hud, but there's one problem with it. The payload progress bar(s) [objectivestatusescort.res & objectivestatusmultipleescort.res) I don't like. Originally, I thought "I'll just grab the files from another hud that looks good" But I quickly realized it doesn't work like that. It still gets the same "style" even if shaping it differently. If you could either A) Do a brief summary on the files I should be directed to, or B) Link me to a place where I could get a better description. I appreciate your help and that is literally the ONLY thing I dislike about it. Thanks!

If you want to get the old payload icons, you'd have to:
1. Go into `\budhud\_budhud\resource\ui` and rename or delete both `objectivestatusescort` and `objectivestatusmultipleescort`
2. Go into `\budhud\materials\hud` and rename or delete all of the `cart_` files

Just keep in mind this is what the vanilla payload hud looks like:

easy customization?, NOPE

It's pretty easy.

Whisker, you've made an awesome hud and I love it. I have recently built a new pc and when I attempt to add the "_budhud" folder to my custom folder my game crashes at startup. Not even the loading screen. I'm using windows 10 with mastercomfig 6.9.0. Any ideas? Thanks.

heya! Try moving budhud-master, and not just `_budhud` Smile
if you still need help, check this out:

If I were to want to change the background, how would I do that?


Sorry, but i am not a fan of the new graphics for gamemode indicators like the payload cart at the bottom of the screen, is there any way i could disable those new graphics but still keep everything else the same?

If you want to get the old payload icons, you'd have to:
1. Go into `\budhud\_budhud\resource\ui` and rename or delete both `objectivestatusescort` and `objectivestatusmultipleescort`
2. Go into `\budhud\materials\hud` and rename or delete all of the `cart_` files

Just keep in mind this is what the vanilla payload hud looks like:

thanks, sorry if i was rude at all, i just like the vanilla look for those icons

you're good man, you weren't rude at all. it's definitely different than what most people would be used to


Its extra spicy!

Pretty good, just annoying how the map name covers the stats whilst loading into a game.

yeah agreed, though unfortunately (to the best of my belief) this happens with the default hud too Sad

Can i get traditional budhud but the only difference is that the main menu layout is the same as default hud?

unfortunately, I can't really think of an easy way off the top of my head to accomplish that. You'd have to remove the main menu file and custom menu animations for starters, but I'm sure there are other things that would have to be done as well

Pretty bad


I met the dude who made this hud in a server one day when I was complaining that my HUD at the time was busted. He was really cool, notably more skilled than me and not a dick about it like some.

This is my new favorite HUD since the death of ToonHUD, it has A/D page switching in the backpack menu which is essentially all I wanted. Good HUD made by a cool dude.

<3 thanks for the kind words!

This is an amazing hud! I've been using it since 2019. Even though I try to get into other huds I always get back to this one. Yours is the only hud that I keep coming back to and that's incredible for the huds that I've seen. Good work Whisker!

is this the only hud that shows matchmaking status?

thank you Dond Feller <3 I really appreciate it. before I really got into releasing this hud publicly, I actually swapped off of my hud a few times because I couldn't tell if I actually liked my hud or not, but I also always ended up coming back to it hahahah. so it's a bit funny to hear someone had a similar experience Big Grin

@RaposaHunter ?: someone in the HUDS.TF Discord said TF2HudPlus also has stats on the main menu:

You can see those stats in this screenshot:

alright, i downloaded a few huds for a while now, all having the same issue. Teleports don't cost 125 anymore. so when i build a sentry first, i cannot place a teleport, can you fix the metal count?




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