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HUD Installation for Windows
tried downloading and installing 2 huds and neither worked. is there some sort of switch on thingy
Make a video
A good way to find the program files is not through the computer at all. You go to steam, right-click on the game, click on properties on the hotbar , go to "Local Files", then finally click on "Browse Local Files...". This makes things much easier

P.S.- I managed to get my HUD to work by double-checking its folder whilst in the custom folder. (Mine only moved a sound folder and not the other contents

P.S.S- You don't have to make a custom folder there's already one in the "tf" folder so just keep you zip files somewhere else on your computer
Dude i did t it work on mine why not yours?
I've done everything stated above yet the HUD still won't work. I tried installing Improved Default HUD following the steps above, but when I start TF2, the HUD won't appear, it's still in the default HUD. Help?
I instaled it but now I can't open the game!
I've done everything right but now I can't open the game!
Oh, That's cool m8 Big Grin
did this work for anybody/ because all i see is comments that says "it doesn't work" and for me too. It doesn't apply after 8 times of repeating this
Following the guide absolutely correctly will result in a custom HUD. Make sure your folders are correct as this is usually always this issue.

If it's not working for you, post a screenshot of your folder directory and I can lead you in the right direction.
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