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HUDS.TF is closing down.

Before I start, if you're looking for somewhere to discuss HUD Development, check out the TF2 Hud Development Discord.
Hypnotize has made a congregated list of updated HUDs with downloads for people to use in the future for the time being. Be sure to bookmark this link!
On top of that, all HUD and Hitsound submissions have been closed.

HUDS.TF is coming to an end. I've been maintaining the site (if you want to call it that) for almost 6 years. The decision to close the site comes around to a few things, including costs, ad revenue being down and my own personal self interest in HUD development and TF2 in general. It's almost been 4 years since I've properly played the game. It's been a year and a half since I released my last HUD, and it was a fairly botch job, as much as people loved it.

The community's overall reception to the site has been amazing the last 6 years and I can't thank you all enough for using it. There was a huge gap in the market for the community to download curated HUDs made by some of the best HUD developers in the game (as well as a huge plethora of Hitsounds), and I'm glad I was able to fill that gap for the length of time that I had. But due to the reasons above (mostly financial), I'm closing the site down for good on Saturday, 8th February 2020. This gives people plenty of time to download everything they'd need from the site before it inevitably closes.

A little history for the site I suppose. I started the site as (don't type that into your browser because I have no idea where that goes), which was a shitty little static website that I would put Github links to the better HUDs around at the time. It was a pain in the ass to update and a mad waste of my time. This will become a common theme up until the last few years.

A member of the community who goes by the name La_maison on the TFTV forums purchased the domain names for (and, which we used to redirect to in the future for a while), which was significantly better than He gracefully transferred the domain names over to me and we used that domain name to relaunch the site as HUDS.TF.

HUDS.TF launched on August 10th 2014, about 4 months after it's initial launch as Community member tstm helped out massively in this time and gave the site it's original look which it still used up until now. Me and tstm would go on to separate the partnership sometime after this, but I have mad respect for the dude and appreciate everything he did for me in helping get the site up and running.

The first couple of years were shaky to say the least (mostly due to my server host not auto-renewing my billing), but people were still loving the site. It was still a static website that I would update manually, which had a barbaric submission system. It was seriously awful. I'm not even going to go into it.

This went on for about 2 years until I decided to do a massive overhaul to the site that only took me about 2 months to fully implement from the point of working on it. This is what has been used ever since that point and it made life significantly easier. I decided to use MyBB to host the site from this point on. It's a free Bulletin Board system that has ridiculous sandbox potential in regards to plugins. The 2 major plugins used throughout the site's life using it were a Steam Login plugin and a plugin that would disguise Forum Posts/Post Submissions as HUD pages/Submission pages. HUDs would be uploaded directly to the site and HUD pages would be created automatically without me having to lift a finger. If you looked at the URL bar at any point while browsing the site, this is VERY obvious. However, it was an amazing system that worked almost flawlessly and did everything I wanted it to with little to no errors.

Of course, this new system made my work on the site way easier and my need to work on the site after that way less. The site essentially ran itself. All I had to do was accept HUD submissions. Wading through Hundreds and Hundreds of ToonHUD edits. I think I've witnessed more ToonHUD edits than any other individual other than maybe Griever himself.

The site also took a massive hit in performance after this site update. The server would get put under quite a bit of pressure due to the amount of downloads coming directly from the site rather than Github and the influx of people uploading HUDs as well. Site traffic was probably at it's peak around this time as well up until I introduced Hitsounds as well. I had to pay for more server shit just so the server wouldn't die every half an hour. It barely helped until I called customer support. I believe the site still has downtime but I don't visit enough to witness it.

About 4 months after the new HUD Submission System was implemented, I used the same system to create a Hitsound hosting website after TF2Dingalings had shut down. It was called HIT.TF and it was extremely short lived. At some point, I completed wrecked the site and deleted EVERYTHING by accident. I can't even remember what I had down but it was fucking stupid. I was going to work on it again at some point, but then decided to just merge it into HUDS.TF instead. HIT.TF's traffic wasn't even close to HUDS.TF, so rather than waste my time on a site nobody visits, I thought it best to merge it into a site that was getting a couple thousand eyes on it a month.

The Hitsounds directory has been fairly active and has 800+ uploads to it. It caught enough attention that one time I got a message from a NSFW content creator from Newgrounds, who asked me to take down 2 Hitsounds that used some clips from an audio file she had created that made it sound like she was getting fucked by a tentacle. That was weird.

But from that point on, there's not much to say about the site. I was working on and off on a site redesign for a long ass time. I made a news post about it. I worked on making the search function not shit and was going to launch it with the redesign. It never came to be.

I'm sure many of you stopped reading my pussyboy history about a website that revolves around a customization aspect of a game that the developers abandoned (it's not dead just yet). There's no real reason to care about this site this much. I'm sure this sucks for some of you, but this is the TF2 community, and when there's a opening, one of you will come out of nowhere and replace HUDS.TF with something better. I have no doubt about it.

I'd thank a bunch of people in the community for helping me out, but my brain is smooth and I can't remember most individuals. Wiethoofd is the only person here I haven't mentioned that I probably should more than anyone else though. Thanks for the help, Wiet.

Thank you all for using the site for the last 6 years. It's been a pleasure hosting a platform for the community to use for HUD development.


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