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Layout Advice
I'm not a HUD disigner, I have no experience with the creation of these things. However, I've had an idea for a HUD for a long time now; a clean, FlawHUD-like display with the health cross in the centre. This is not a new idea, but none of the updated Huds I've seen have done it the way I want.

I've created a rough mock up, using elements and inspiration from MedHUD, CarrotHUD, SlagHUD, and FlawHUD. I'm not sure what to do with the item metres (hence the two sets of three bars), same with the demoman's charge (stickybomb and shield).

The Ubercharge bar accross the very bottom of the screen as well as the Killstreak Counter above the killfeed are inspired by the sadly discontinued CarrotHUD, and though they are unconventional I do like them a lot.

Is there anything else I may have neglected? Again, I've had no experience with HUD creation so feel free to shout at me about this. And if anyone wants to make it a thing then be my guest.

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