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A very BRIGHT TF2 Hud based on material design

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Mann Vs. Machine
Capture the Flag
Payload Race
Control Points
King of the Hill
Special Delivery
Player Destruction
Territorial Control
Robot Destruction


Custom Fonts
Custom Menus
Extra Scoreboards
HUD Crosshairs
Minmode Toggle
Custom Materials
Easy Customization


Help & Feedback: Jarateking, Wiethoofd, bLa, aethez Hud Discord in general :3
Inspiration: Colly, Pigby, Jarateking, Omni, extracrispy
Crosshairs: Broesel, Knuckles, Seeker, m0re
Material Design VTFS: extracrispy & Rawsor (I still don't know who created it im sorry)

Everyone who helped me testing the hud <3



User Comments

It didnt work for me

Follow the HOW TO INSTALL file, the hud is working fine for me

seriously, stunning hud. but i have one itch. i use a custom background. but the problem is i cant use it with this hud for some reason, its still the same. anything that should i do?

this is a great hud but the one issue i have is the engineer hud, i feel like it takes up too much space and i think it would be better if it was either less transparent or just showed the icons and not the 'not built' text

@Read First--> i am a noob
Its probably because the background the hud is using is set to a higher zpos than it normally should, you can disable it though. Try opening the menu file in: sunset hud\resource\ui\MainMenuOverride.res look for the "Sunset" section and set it to visible "0". now you should be able to see your background!

I pretty much agree, i decided to make it that way just for the fact that its the only way i could make it match the rest of the hud nicely

@hypnotize do you will be doing this hud but in dark theme?

@Hypnotize, Thanks. also btw i have noticed that this hud is the closest being a replica of csgo's panorama ui. keep up the great work!

A lot of people is actually asking for this so maaaaaaybe

@Read First--> i am a noob
Thanks <3

Any 32 player scoreboard support coming?

yo can you make a dark theme , i really like that hud , if make it , thanks

@Hypnotize A Suggestion If You're Ok With Implementing: to quell requests like these ^

why not add different color schemes for the hud in the customizations folder. in that way everyone is pleased.

a recent shower thought: isnt a sunset going dark? the hud should be named sunrise due to its bright nature.

A dark mode option would be really nice, the HUD is really good but it's blinding sometimes.

Yeah, as comments from earlier stated, this HUD is very nice but a dark mode could make it look really cool. Maybe you could give the dark mode its own little name, Sunrise? Thought that'd be cute. It's a seriously pleasing hud to look at though! I'd just prefer the dark mode because my eyes are sensitive to bright light.

I can add it on the next update

As for the dark mode, I'll probably start working on one soon so give me a bit of time

absolutely phenomenal hud, i love everything about it. great freakin job

@Kruphixx @[H2No] Grommet★ the temp solution is just using a custom background like i did. can recommend anything from cyberpunk 2077 or Neo-tokyo or cyberpunk. google's your friend. but then again it doesn't alleviate the problem that it being too bright sometimes. like especially with the text and icons for the buttons, due to the nature of the hud it can blend in the background sometimes Sad

also wondering if *really* custom huds like this: v are possible (original source,game: Quake Live

also also, Sourcemod menus borken. played on BlackWonder VSH and i couldnt see the toggles.....

@Read First--> i am a noob
I fixed the source menus the day after the release so you might be using an older version. If you made some customizations to the hud you could download the new one and take only the colors.res file in resource/scheme and replace it in your current version!

It think its possible to make the health look like and work like in the ql hud you posted even tho it takes a huge workaround to make it work by using refracts etc... but i'm pretty sure you can't do much for the ammo/guns

i very might make a concept using PS later today. also someone on the tf subreddit made a map where bots fight against eachother and can be used as a background map.

your hud is now a few steps closer to being the csgo panorama ui, of tf2.

here's my very shitty rendition/concept if the CSGO Panorama UI/HUD was meant for tf2. KeK, HF cringing.

when i try to install some of the fonts it says that they aren't valid fonts. is there a fix to this.

This HUD is very cool Big Grin is it possible if you make a night time / dark version of this? It might be cool too when you're playing at night and the HUD could barely burn your eyes with white color Big Grin

Сool HUD!

@XxX_EbIn_TrIcKsTaBeR_MeAt_xXx ive installed all of them without any problems. what os are you on?

Never heard of that like Read First--> i am a noob asked whats the os??
Either way you should be able to use the hud even if you don't install the fonts since all of them but 1 are unique fonts that i created and as long as they are defined well in the clientscheme they whould always work and in this case they are so.

Coming soon! I don't have that much time to work on it so i would say around october hopefully

Such a lovely hud! Any chance you bring it to Linux?

Hypnotize still making a night pretty sure thatll be later

god damn hypnotize stop being so talented

Could just be me, but the stats on the casual screen are all messed up. Text too big for its borders, player list not working.


If you like the look of this HUD, feel free to try it by downloading it. Just click the download button below!

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Last Updated: 29-08-2019

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