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ScoobziHUD Development and Help
Hey, I'm Scoobzi and I'm editing a HUD, a very old HUD, that HUD is Garm3n HUD-4MP but its Updated by the youtuber and twitch streamer CeeJay so its called CJHUD, but I'm now editing CJHUD for my own personalized HUD, I played with CJHUD for 2 weeks, and I love mostly everything about it, the position of the windows, the nostalgia, its good HUD and I want to customize it with my own idea's, so you guys can help me develop it, and publish it on

I changed a lot of things, that of which include Uber meter colors, health colors, ammo colors, low ammo pulse, etc, pretty much everything color related as my first mark, and I want to make it a HUD that I like and is fully customizable to people that download it, so they can change it to their own liking, so help me by answering my question's.

btw you people on  get to decide some stuff for my HUD, so suggest some stuff, so my question's are as follows.

1) Do I need to make any changes for mann vs machine? if so, what are they?
2) I'm keeping mostly everything in the same position but, colors, numbers, health bar, ammo bar, uber meter, adding a custom menu, and a custom menu interface. I know how to change the menu background but I want it to be a gif like budhud, I already have a gif in mind.
3) How would I make a custom menu interface? I don't know this part, so I really am going to need the people of help.

that's all folks.
depends on when it was last updated

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