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Mann Vs. Machine
Capture the Flag
Payload Race
Control Points
King of the Hill
Special Delivery
Player Destruction
Territorial Control
Robot Destruction


Custom Fonts
Custom Menus
Extra Scoreboards
HUD Crosshairs
Minmode Toggle
Custom Materials
Easy Customization


Credits to the creator of terminal hud, who made a fantastic work.

Special Thanks

Hyptonize for helping but above all giving me an interest in huds.


19/03/2019 - Release of TermiOlghaHud
03/04/2019 - Added a new hudmatchstatus.res
14/05/2019 - Fixed the hudmatchstatus.res and relocated objectives timers

User Comments

I assume your hud goes with your confic what with the potato settings in that it is HEAVILY optimized? That'dbecooljustsayin'

It IS heavily optimized indeed, however i didn't put the graphics with the hud

what is pv wtf

worst hud worst config worst person

its not even bad.

Why people is that mad?? If you dont like it just search another hud. Also you have to finish it. Good work Wink

yes its a nice hud but the only downside is that this crosshair is pre enabled (this is maybe not so usefull for player where this is the hud) i would say 4/5 stars for me

@Quatschton you can disable by going into the scripts/crosshairs.res and turn seeker visible part to 0

@Olgha may i ask what graphics you use?
also i like your hud quite a bit

amazing hud. simple and lit. <3 you olga

@se.maj mastercomms cfg very low

i needed this in my life, thank you

How do you get the scoreboard like in your screenshot, the pub one still only shows 6

Great hud! New favorite. A couple things I think you should add are a menu more like the one in the jungle inferno update, custom class icons, And perhaps maybe a cross for overheals and low health like the one in budhud.

@h ツ try using cl_hud_minmode 1

4: 3 fix does not work Sad

some of the information get cut off on 4:3 updateplsthanks

j'apprécie vraiment votre travail , merci pour cet HUD

Is there a photo album where I can see all the custom crosshairs?

My Freshmeat team has just been given a minor warning for a reason no other than the etf2l bot not being capable of reading the console's font, absurd... Something worth looking into I reckon...

The plus button next to servers doesn't work (i know i can use the console but eh)

Cool HUD. Nice Work.

is there a way to remove the PV: at the health?

Used this for a few hours, pretty good. I'd stick with it if it weren't for a couple things;
- The boxes surrounding a lot of the text is a bit harsh on the eyes, I think if you were to either lower the opacity or ditching it entirely and just using a drop shadow, it would be a lot nicer.
- Said boxes are also a bit inconsistent. It showing up on buildings and teammates gives all this clutter around the crosshair.

I'm not gonna note the lack of changes to the inventory, casual select, etc, because those are inevitable to be implemented if development continues. I think this is a promising hud, and with some minor tweaks and further development, I'd certainly use it.


J'ai attrapé le cancer après l'avoir installé et la sécu me dit que c'est pas pris en charge. Je t'attaque en justice

nice and quirky minimal hud


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Last Updated: 14-05-2019

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