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Change the loading screen background
I want to know how to change the background of the stamps and the photos of the map when loading a server, and I saw that some huds could do it, I currently use the bx hud. Any advice?[Image: 51aa0c3bc26fc.jpg]
Use these files here you just need to add them to whatever hud you want, they are set to work with every hud by default!
You can copy the Materials and Resource folders and paste the over your hud files and thats it.

Once you added the files if you want to change the image used you need to:

- take whatever image you want to use
- turn it in to a vtf file
- replace it inside materials\vgui\replay\thumbnails\loading_custom.vtf (it HAS to be called loading_custom)

If you don't know how to convert images to vtfs there are plenty of tutorials out there.

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