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Small, but not very important, update
I apologize for how vague this post will be, but bare with me.

You may have noticed the lack of update posts regarding the latest TF2 updates or even about the site in general, so I'm gonna clear a few things up and let you know where things are going from here.

I've been working on a new feature to the site over the past 2 weeks, so a lot of my time has been devoted to that. I'm not announcing what it is yet, but it has stopped me from doing something I should be doing; updating the directory. I've had a few update requests come through that I have yet to deal with, so for anyone who has sent one; I'm sorry I haven't dealt with it yet. I absolutely guarantee all the update requests I have gotten will be dealt with tomorrow. No exceptions, they will be done. I'll also be putting HUDs that don't support matchmaking into the outdated section.

In regards to the latest TF2 updates (mainly the setting up of matchmaking), I was hoping one of the staff I got to write my update posts would do me a solid and write it up, but apparently not. So I'll also make an update post explaining all of that tomorrow as well.

I can only apologize for the dead state the site currently looks like its in. It doesn't mean much for those who come here to look for a HUD and nothing else, but for those who like a little more than to just look at the directory, it's probably a little concerning. Maybe. I'm probably overthinking that.

Basically, expect stuff tomorrow. Cheers.
Who did you make staff, by the way? I ask because I applied for it but never heard back, so it might be that whoever you think you hired never got the message. It's also entirely possible that they did and were just lazy about it.
I'm curious to see what the new feature is. It wouldn't by any chance be a new HUD update system? I'm been meaning to get new updated screenshots for my HUD but knew that you were probably too busy at the moment to implement them anyway. I'll see if I can't get them done tomorrow, but it'll probably be too late by then to go in this batch. Suits me for putting it off.

It's good to have you back Smile

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