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EJP started designing this project in a deep 2012 autumn, Eric then started coding the basic elements in-game and i took over this project in september of 2014.

EJP-HUD is a very futuristic HUD with various features, focussing on both competitive and public use.

A lot of time went into this, so i hope you guys can grant me as much feedback as possible.





  • Add full support for MvM

  • Work out the design of various elements a bit better

I would personally change:
remove low-ammo color; change the overheal color since blue is weird (my opinion); move the item charge meters to the right or middle; have kills/deaths/assists change side with the other stats (eg caps/defs etc); the class icons in general are okay but the layout on the loadout selection screen is uncomfortable so have those in one line again.

apart from that:
Holy shit this is a piece of art. Absolutely beautiful.
Its not a practical/competitive hud but its a wonderfully looking one and Im sure many people will appreciate this.

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