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Welcome to the new look!
Let's go through the new changes and the recent additions to new HUDs that have been added and the old HUDs have been updated/outdated.

The HUD Directory has been changed a bit so users can now see which Operating Systems HUDs work on without having to visit the page. There were plenty of different aspects we could have added here; Resolution Support, MvM Support and so on. Operating System seemed to be the one that was the most requested to be viewed from outside the HUD page. So we did just that.

The HUD Archive has been moved to be inside the HUD Directory. There's no real reason for this change, other than aesthetics. We'd love to hear your feedback on it.

HUD pages have been updated the most. It's changed a lot aesthetically and now there's a direct download link instead of just a link to the page you can download from. This'll make it easier for those who have trouble navigating sites such as GitHub. Also, when a HUD is marked as outdated, a huge notice will appear on the top of the page, just in case you weren't aware otherwise.

Also, because of the new way the HUD pages are built, the Submission System has also been improved massively. From your end, you probably wouldn't tell the difference; but in the backend, getting HUDs to the site is almost automatic, save for quality checking and such.

We've also got new plans in the future, including a Donator Scheme which'll remove Advertisements from the site, as well as add more powerful searching tools for the HUD Directory and other features too. There is no ETA for this, but we're working on it.

There'll also be an announcement in the next few days of a new staff member who'll be writing update posts for us when I'm not available to do so (which currently is quite common, my apologies!)

Directory Update #7
  • bastHUD
  • jayhud
  • JediHUD
  • RietHUD Remastered
  • yayahud

Other Junk
In related matters; I also release a site recently called Random.TF, which is a browser-based Random Weapon Loadout Generator for TF2. It's not much different than any other loadout generator out there, but it was a small project I did in less than 3 days and I thought I'd advertise it a little.

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