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Last Updated: 08-10-2018

HUD Information


A clean and fresh TF2 HUD made from scratch, inspired by the spectator hud used at Insomnia61 to be used in normal gameplay.

*Important information*

- Only supports "16:9 resolutions" (for the moment).
- Pending to edit: mvm, halloween, robot destruction & passtime.
- Custom spectator tournament panels for 9v9 included in "resource/ui/spectatortournament_9v9", default is 6v6.
- Install the fonts included in "resource/fonts" folder. (if needed).

A huge shout-out to Raysfire for the tutorials, Doodles's website for the information regarding each hud file and to the people in the tftv forums for helping me out with some questions related to editing files.

Also thanks a lot for the inspiration to all the hud creators out there.


UPDATE: cl_hud_minmode 1 option is now available.

HUD Features

Operating System Supported?
Resolutions Supported?
Miscellaneous Supported?
Custom Fonts  
Custom Menus  
Extra Scoreboards  
HUD Crosshairs  
Minmode Toggle  
Custom Materials  
Easy Customization  
Gamemodes Supported?
Capture the Flag  
Control Points  
King of the Hill  
Mann Vs. Machine  
Payload Race  
Player Destruction  
Robot Destruction  
Special Delivery  
Territorial Control  


A HUD made by digit.

Special Thanks

A huge shout-out to the people in the tftv forums for helping me out with some questions related to editing files.

Also thanks a lot for the inspiration to all hud creators out there, I always wanted to make my own TF2 hud and I finally did it after all these years.



Version 2.1:

- cl_hud_minmode 1 option is now available.
- Added blue / red team buttons for class loadout.
- Added "A" and "D" keyboard controls for backpack pages.

User Comments

okay but I suggest that health and ammunition should be more visible

This is a really nice hud, big fan of the loading screen! Although the health and ammo could use a bit of work

Hey guys, version 2.0 just dropped.

Changes: Bigger health/ammo and changes to the class image background.

Everything else remains the same.

Photo album and download updated.

looks good nice job

Hud doesn't wait for anyone. You wait for the hud.
(Good hud by the way, close hud so you don't have to dot your eyes around the screen)

Ok I deleted my last comment cause I don't agree with it anymore, but I do wonder if you are still gonna update this? if so, how much are you working on it, and when can we expect the next update?

The design itself I don't think is gonna change, but I will maybe make an option so the health/ammo panel is at the bottom left like in csgo.

I will look into how to add the "A" "D" buttons to move left and right through the pages for the backpack.

I want to add blue and red options buttons for the class loadout.

I will add a hud_reloadscheme button on the main menu as well.

I expect to update all this within this next week since I have a couple of events this weekend.

Progress on the hud will come definitely since I want to make it fully funcional for all gamemodes too.

Thank you!

Looks really nice digit. Happy to see something from TFTV threads show up here

Hey guys, version 2.1 just dropped.

- cl_hud_minmode 1 option is now available.
- Added blue / red team buttons for class loadout.
- Added "A" and "D" keyboard controls for backpack pages.

I want to use this hud but my computer doesn't support 16:9 resolutions... so sad T-T

I really liked this hud, nice work by the creator. What image did you use for the main menu background digit, also can you add more resolution support for my friends? Really great work keep it up.,

Thank you so much for the update! Only thing left is to make it work for MVM, since i've been avoiding that gamemode until the hud is fixed

Hey guys, I'm glad you are liking the hud so far.

I just got a new job so I can't really update it as often as I would want to. BUT I will keep working on it, next thing on the agenda is to make the hud work in all resolutions if possible and pending gamemodes. I will probably start this weekend.

I found one bug that is pretty annoying:


okay, so i get that min mode is supposed to be small, but when you added it, it really just looks more like an alternate hud. can you maybe make the icons and text bigger for min mode?

@Chippu This is a known bug that I'll try to fix somehow (It only happens when you join a new server and the first class picked is heavy or pyro. This happens because I used a custom font for the drop shadow from AmmoInReserve in order to make the "/" sign in between AmmoInClip and AmmoInReserve (this custom font replaces all the numbers from 0 to 9 to "/" for all the other classes. Try switching to any other class except for heavy and pick pyro again.

@SMG I'll think about it. I tried to make a minmode version looking exactly the same before, positioning all the elements on the bottom left and It looked really weird imo. That's why I made it like that as an option.

An amazing HUD just i love to have some kind of more creative loading screen the blu and red are fine but i would like some loading screen competitive like the the med and spy of red and blu staring at each other etc. and idk is just me but some times when i play weapons or classes that have a meter just stay in the HUD for some min. without any problems but after they dissapear and let me "like Mmmm....ok?" causing me problems and the exp bar for casual.

This is an awesome HUD and I love the loading screens! I do have a few nitpicks: My game softlocked when I got an item drop alert, as the "Open ... Loadout" and "Confirm" buttons did nothing. It would be advantageous if there was more of a distinction between the health value and the ammo in the normal hud. Also, the scoreboard is particularly hard to read. Despite this, I am still going to use this hud, because the aesthetic is awesome! Smile

digit can you make a 16:10 compatible?

less is more, and this is juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust right

Cool hud but can you add an EXP bar, please?

ammo and health are in the bottom of the screen just like stock hud plz make ammo and health more visible like in ahud.

This HUD is absolutely beautiful, however there are some things I would like to see.

1) Make an option to make the hp and ammo bigger/smaller
2) More aspect ration support (16:10, 4:3, etc.)
3) More scoreboards

Overall, this hud is one of the most aesthetically pleasing huds I've seen in a while. I am truly excited to see what will happen in the future!

Also, ammo doesnt show up for me.

This hud is wonderful in everyway but 1, needs an update for mvm that would be just awesome!!

i really, really, really like this hud, and i cannot wait to see support for mvm especially.

my only "big" gripe comes from the current state of the scoreboard, as i would love to see a 12v12 or 16v16 capable scoreboard which shows the server name and map name somewhere on the screen. I'd also love to see the counts for k/a/d and dmg/healing made larger so they are easier to read in a hurry.

otherwise, small tweaks like the position of the A/D icons on the backpack which covers up pages when you have more than 13 or so backpack pages are very much worth their small inconveniences for the overall aesthetic of this beauty.

Are the textures in the screenshots where your holding the stickybomb launcher come with the hud or no?

Works great with linux, it even fixed some issues that I had with the default hud!

Where ConTracker?

wow, this hud looks gre-
oh, there's no linux support...

I really love this HUD, though the only thing I'd change is the position of the ammo/health in minmode. They're a bit too shoved up in the bottom corners. Other than that, though, I really like what you've made!

I wish there were 16:10 version Sad




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