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This is Funke's old hit sound of Steven Universe saying "fuck" in a YouTube poop that he watched, I'm putting it here so that It could be more convenient. Hope you can understand!

How to install:
1. Navigate to your tf folder.
2. Go to your "custom" folder if you have it, if not create a new folder called "custom".
3. Create a folder inside your custom folder (You can call it anything you want. I called mine "hitsound") if you don't have one, i suggest making one.
4. Inside (insert folder name here), create a folder called "sound".
5. Inside "sound" create a folder called "ui".
6. Drag the hitsound file into the "ui" folder and rename the hitsound file to "hitsound" (without the quotation marks)

p.s. Make sure your hitsound file is a WAV file, if it is not then it will not work, and another side note is that you must name your hitsound file "hitsound" <-- exactly as shown


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