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Invasion and Recent Update HUD Changes
[Image: update_hud_1.png]

The Invasion Update has finally hit TF2, and (thankfully) only a few changes were made within the HUD files. They are as follows:

This update also introduced Player Destruction, a new game mode which uses a new HUD element to display the game score. This file was added in the September 24th, 2015 Patch.

We also didn't announce it last week, but in the October 1st, 2015 Patch there was also a significant change to the Gun Mettle Contract Drawer, which if not updated, will break the Contact Drawer from working, and Contracts will not be able to be turned in for in-game rewards. The files needed to fix this error are as follows:

In the same update, the Weapon Inspection Panel was also updated to include the item's name on screen. Although not updating this won't break your HUD, it leaves a small, aesthetic error in the form of a cropped weapon icon in the top left corner. Update the following to fix:

We'll be keeping on top of HUD changes in the latest updates in the future, no matter how small. Broken elements will be reported on with full fixes too.
Hey omni, I know this is the second time Ive asked for help but my hud is still showing things from the gunmettle update. It says "invasion community update" but Im still getting the item showcase from the gm update (ticket, taunts, ect) How do i fix this?
How i can install this hud?

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