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Broken Scoreboard? Here's your fix!
Although this post is late, I'm sure many people will still find it handy at this point.

The latest TF2 update managed to break any scoreboards that were missing a value in the scoreboard file that was added during the Tough Break update. While the value was deemed unnecessary during the Tough Break's initial release, it is now a mandatory inclusion to the file.

Find your custom HUD folder, and inside find the file resource/ui/scoreboard.res. Inside this file, there is a element named "scores". Inside that, you'll see a whole bunch of values.

We'll need to add another value to this list, so find:
"avatar_width" "65"

And paste below that line:
"spacer" "5"

You should end up with an element looking similar to this:
"ControlName" "CTFClientScoreBoardDialog"
"fieldName" "scoreinfo"
"xpos" "cs-0.5"
"ypos" "31"
"wide" "640"
"tall" "448"
"autoResize" "0"
"pinCorner" "0"
"visible" "1"
"enabled" "1"
"tabPosition" "0"
"medal_width" "20"
"avatar_width" "65"
"spacer" "5"
"name_width" "118"
"name_width_short" "85"
"nemesis_width" "25"
"class_width" "25"
"score_width" "30"
"ping_width" "25"
"stats_width" "30"
"killstreak_width" "15"
"killstreak_image_width" "15"
(Be aware that these values may not reflect the same as those found inside your custom HUD. This code is pulled from the Default TF2 HUD.)

This should fix your scoreboard troubles! Be sure to check your HUD for updates if you're using one that was developed by another member of the community; chances are they've already fixed it! If you're still experiencing issues, let us know and we'll try and help you out.

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