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Closure: An Update
Hey all, thanks for all the supportive messages I've received since the announcement of HUDS.TF closing down. On Twitter, Reddit, TFTV, wherever, I've read a bundle of messages that have all shown sorrow and support for HUDS.TF. I appreciate every F and every meme of a cat crying.

However, let's get down to business with this update.

I mentioned in the last post that one part of the closure of the site was due to personal interest. Although this is a minor reason in the grand scheme of it all, it's definitely a more selfish point of conflict for the existance of the site. I'll admit that reading all the messages that show sadness for the site's closure has rejuvinated a spark inside me to work on the site. Financials are still a factor however. But...

I've decided to keep the website up and running for the time being. I have shifted around a budget that allows the website to survive a little while longer at least. This is in no way permanent, but if things do get financially better in the future then the site should live for another 6 years.

I've been advised and even pressured by some members in the community to open the site up to donations to keep HUDS.TF running. I've decided this to be the best course of action, and am looking into making this happen. It would greatly ease the pressure on me to provide for the site when ad revenue is down. I'll go into more details about how donating will work in the future and how donating will benefit donators as well (removal of ads from the site, for example). Hopefully this doesn't take me too long to implement so we can avoid a possible closure out of nowhere.

As the site continues to live on, I've decided to push on further with the redesign I mentioned almost a year or so ago. Seeing how much people love and appreciate the site's existence is a huge motivator to work on it further. I'd hate to let people down, and I feel like I already have done by announcing a closure before looking into all options to keep the place running.

With this redesign, parts of the site may appear closed off or unavailable. For example, right now submitting HUDs, Hitsounds and even posting to the Forums is shut off entirely. This is unfortunately a necessary action to take while I work on upgrading and redesigning parts of the website. I'm hoping these restrictions shouldn't take too long and submissions should be open again within the week.

I've also sought upon the help of community members for additional content and feedback regarding the site. Although I haven't given anybody any explicit roles thus far, you'll see some familiar faces in the HUD community helping out with content and moderation in the near future.

If you have any questions, feedback or concerns about the future of HUDS.TF, I implore you to tweet at me on Twitter, @omnibombulator or @hudstf.

Thanks once again for all your support, and sorry for any inconveniences that I've caused over the last few days. You guys are amazing.


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