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Hey friends.

I'm omnibombulator, and I created and noto. I also worked on the 2015/2016 Tip of the Hats HUD and developed and maintained the TeamFortressTV Casting HUD.

Please don't add me on Steam for anything. If you need to get in contact, you can send me a Private Message here on the Forums or contact me using the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page. I'm usually quite good at responding through those means, whereas on Steam, I tend to ignore a lot of messages that come through.


Submission Name Category
Creating a Custom Video Intro for Team Fortress 2 Guide
In-Depth HUD Crosshair Guide Guide
Keeping your HUD Animations up to date using hudanimations_manifest.txt Guide
HUD Installation for Linux Guide
HUD Installation for Mac Guide
HUD Installation for Windows Guide
Gnomed Hitsound
Hello Me Old Chum Hitsound
Flarepunch HUD
Osu! Hitsound
MSN Messenger Hitsound
noto Outdated HUD

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