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Welcome to HUDS.TF

Let's get started!


Now that you're here, why not take a look at our HUD Directory? The HUDs uploaded to our site are uploaded and updated by the actual HUD Developers themselves, so you know you'll be getting the right HUD by the right people.

We've also got a huge Megalist of HUDs that aren't uploaded to HUDS.TF for you to explore.

On top of that, if you've created a HUD, why not submit it to the site? We've got an approval system in place to weed out the low-effort edits, so only the truly unique HUDs can be accepted. If unique describes the HUD you've made, submit it!

HUD Directory HUD Megalist Login to Submit a HUD

HUD Resources

Looking for useful Guides, Resources or Tutorials for HUD Development? We've got a whole bunch of resources for you to peek your eyeballs at.

We've got on-site Guides, including in-depth Installation Guides for all supported Operating Systems.

We've also put together a list of external Resources and Tutorials that are extremely useful for learning how to edit and develop your own HUDs.

HUDS.TF Guides Section List of HUD Resources


On top of HUDs, we've also got a huge list of Hitsounds and Killsounds to take a look at/listen to. From useful Hitsound beeps and boops to screaming meme Killsounds, you'll probably find a sound you'll like!

Or maybe we don't have the sound you like. Then why not submit one yourself? There's no approval system to Hitsounds, but keep it sensible. No Racist or NSFW sounds, please.

Hitsounds Directory Login to Submit a Hitsound


Our community can be found exclusively on our Official Discord Server. It's mostly HUD based discussion, including HUD Feedback and Questions, and many of the HUD Developers who have submitted HUDs to the site are active in our server.

We've got a super friendly and extremely helpful community here at HUDS.TF, so if you're looking to get into HUD Development, or if you just have a few questions, come on in!

Join our Community Discord Server

Support HUDS.TF

HUDS.TF's upkeep and maintenance is upheld exclusively by omnibombulator, with volunteer Moderation help from Wiethoofd, JarateKing, Hypnotize and Whisker.

Consider donating via Paypal if you like what HUDS.TF offers! All donations go straight towards the site's continued upkeep. Donators get extra perks, which you can view on the Donation page.

You can also follow HUDS.TF on Twitter. We post updates to Twitter every so often, so it's worth keeping an eye on.

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