05 Jul 2017

HUD Dump

by omnibombulator

So I haven't played TF2 in a while. I've lost severe interest in the game, and with that, a severe interest in custom HUD development. So, I've decided to dump all the work I've done (that I still have on my harddrive) and upload it for other people to do whatever they want with.

So, here they are. Download link is at the bottom of this post.

Flarepunch was going to be my next serious HUD after noto. I'd made a UI that I really liked back when developing ProductHUD and Decorus (See below) and decided to carry it through and make it a consistent, released HUD.

It has some really nice menus which I'm mad proud about. I was always really innovative with menus. I think I made more menus than actual HUDs by the end of it all.

Full Album Link

Basehud_Test (or Decorus internally) was my first attempt at a HUD using #base methods. It was quite messy, but again, I made real nice menus and perfected the way I wanted the UI for timers and other on-screen elements while in-game. I unintentionally showed off this HUD during the 2016 hugs.tf event. I was supposed to finish and release it as an incentive but I never did.

It's fairly broken now, with the main menu and matchmaking menus not working at all the way they were intended. Everything else is fine though.

Full Album Link

Tip of the HUD 2015/2016
I was the HUD developer for the TOTH HUD for 2 years. The HUD was based off of a version of yahud that I can't recall off the top of my head. Takyahud maybe? Either way, during the first year I had plenty of time to make the HUD beautiful from a spectator standpoint. Other areas, not so pretty. But again, I menu'd the absolute shit out of it and mirrored the TOTH design that Lange had designed and incorporated it into the HUD. The 2016 HUD was, as I quoted on stream, "a frankenstein mess". It was awful. I was bogged down with other commitments and couldn't devote as much time to the HUD development as the year previous. I got the menus updated with the new design and added a purchase button for the Tipped Lid because I could. Then I ran out of time, and ended up porting a shit ton of stuff from the year prior and giving it to the TOTH guys 3 days before the event started. They were happy with it though, and I guess I was as well.

Again, these are pretty broken now. Especially the 2015 version. Also, I had to remove the font files from the download, as they were a paid font. Sorry about that.

2016 Version Album. Clicking the bird reveals an easter egg.

2015 Version

ProductHUD, Orbiculatus and RobotoHUD
These have been on GitHub for a while, but I thought I'd include them because they're old projects that I still have lying around. I haven't got much to say about them, except I loved working on the ProductHUD menus. They're fucking gorgeous. Too bad they don't work at all anymore.

ProductHUD album

Orbiculatus album

RobotoHUD album

No. It's an actively used, private HUD for the teamfortress.tv casting organisation. Although I don't volunteer my time to TFTV anymore (and haven't done so for a while), and was the main developer and maintainer of the TFTV HUD, I've no right or intention of releasing it publicly.

(It's around 18MB btw)