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Jungle Inferno HUD hotfix
Posted on 22nd October 2017 at 01:07 PM by Wiethoofd

After the Jungle Inferno update every custom hud has been disabled by Valve, to prevent you from crashing when you launch Team Fortress 2.

This has been done because of a lot of changes to the main menu, party/lobby system (which will get a more in depth write-up later in the week), but is mostly to prevent any animation file related issues that might occur when launching the game with an out of date hud.

Luckily the changes to the ingame hud aren't too drastic and will still work with the (temporary) fix provided below.

Most importantly:
- You need to update ui_version in info.vdf to 2
This will allow custom hud files to be loaded again.

Besides allowing files to load again we recommend deleting, renaming or moving the following files from your custom hud:
- /scripts/hudanimations_tf.txt (You should be using a hudanimations_manifest.txt setup anyway!)
- /resource/gamemenu.res
- /resource/ui/mainmenuoverride.res

Also update your clientscheme.res with the various font definitions and borders that were added to get a fully functioning Contracker.

TF2 HUD Updates for late October, 2016 - ScreamFortress 2016
Posted on 3rd November 2016 at 02:24 PM by Wiethoofd

Merasmus has been keeping the hud editors busy ingame from writing this post with contracts, but after finishing a bunch of them it is time to catch up with the changes that were made to the Team Fortress 2 hud files this ScreamFortress event.

Modified Files:

[Image: tIZ0IBe.png]
Buttons added to Casual Lobby Panel highlighted with new

Summary of changes
  • Tips button in Casual Lobby Frame
  • Restore & Save Map selection buttons in Casual Lobby Panel
  • Main menu changes for ScreamFortress backgrounds and items, removal of Pyro vs. Heavy
  • Contract panel button in questitempanel_base now selects map in Casual Map selection (mm_casual_open) instead of opening Quickplay
  • Removal of progress bar behind completed contracts total

Relevant commits to the TF2 source files
Enjoy the ScreamFortress event!

TF2 HUD Update for October 12th, 2016 - Vote for frames
Posted on 14th October 2016 at 03:00 PM by Wiethoofd

Had a good game, a bad connection to a Valve server or got rolled because the balance was completely off? You might now be prompted at the end of a casual or ranked game to rate your experience from Horrible, Bad, Neutral, Good to Great.

Besides being able to vote, there has been a recent problem with event DamagedPlayer in custom huds utilizing this animation to have 'hitmarkers'. More information and how to fix this issue after the analysis of the added & changed hudfiles in the update from October 12th, which you can check in this commit.

New Files:

Modified Files:

Summary of changes

  • End of match rating vote panel added; surveypanel_base positions the votes, surveypanel_matchquality contains the options
  • Animations to bounce the vote panel in and out of view in hudanimations_tf.txt

Changes to scripts/hudanimations_tf.txt
Crashes at the end of the match in Casual/Ranked Matchmaking are most likely caused by missing animation events in hudanimations_tf.txt when being prompted to vote for your match experience.

If you are a hud developer make sure you migrate your TF2 animations to use hudanimations_manifest.txt by following this guide to guarantee Valve updating/changing animations is not going to cause issues.
event SurveyShowSequence
Animate Survey ypos 480 Linear 0 0
Animate Survey ypos 150 Linear 1 0.3
Animate Survey ypos 130 Deaccel 1.3 0.1
Animate Survey ypos 150 Accel 1.4 0.1

event SurveySubmitSequence
// Show submitting
SetVisible QuestionContainer 0 0
SetVisible SubmittingContainer 1 0

// Show thanks
SetVisible SubmittingContainer 0 2
SetVisible ThanksContainer 1 2

RunEvent SurveyHideSequence 6

event SurveyDelete
FireCommand 0 "delete"

event SurveyHideSequence
SetVisible CloseButton 0 0

Animate Survey ypos 130 Deaccel 0 0.3
Animate Survey ypos 480 Accel 0.3 0.2
RunEventChild Survey SurveyDelete 0.6

[Image: 801RVEY.jpg]
Screenshot of the end of round survey panel

Hitmarkers in custom huds causing fps drops
Custom huds available here on might offer hitmarkers and have flashing crosshairs when dealing damage, blinking and fading damage numbers or other implementations of the event DamagedPlayer animation.

Damaging to a lot of players/bots in a short timeframe or dealing a lot of (small) damage instances to the same target (pyro flames/mvm medic shield) can cause severe frame drops, as each damage instance will trigger the animation event, causing them to stack and thus make you drop frames. After thorough analysis by sigsegv (recommended read) and being pointed in the right direction, Wiethoofd did some testing with StopAnimation and StopEvent animation triggers and figured out the correct way to have damage hitmarkers without causing massive frame drops because of the damage event stacking, without having to comment out existing code to disable the animation.

Renaming the old DamagedPlayer animation to (for instance) HitMarker and calling the renamed event from the DamagedPlayer event instead, should prevent the game from stacking the animations and not cause frames to drop. Adding an additional StopEvent just before calling (another) instance of the same animation event should make sure there are no duplicate/stacking events causing any issues. Just make sure to start another event shortly after stopping it with StopEvent.

Simplified example of old hitmarker event possibly causing fps drops:
event DamagedPlayer { // Blinks Crosshair for 1/10th of a second red and reset to white
Animate Crosshair FgColor Red Linear 0.0 0.1
Animate Crosshair FgColor White Linear 0.1 0.1

Animation sequence without StopEvent:
// Start 'hitmarker animation'
event DamagedPlayer {
RunEvent HitMarker 0.0
event HitMarker { // Blink Crosshair for 1/10th of a second red and reset to white
Animate Crosshair FgColor Red Linear 0.0 0.1
Animate Crosshair FgColor White Linear 0.1 0.1
Improved animation sequences with StopEvent (optional but recommended):
// Stop any 'hitmarker animation events' before starting another
event DamagedPlayer {
StopEvent HitMarker 0.0
RunEvent HitMarker 0.01
event HitMarker { // Blink Crosshair for 1/10th of a second red and reset to white
Animate Crosshair FgColor Red Linear 0.0 0.1
Animate Crosshair FgColor White Linear 0.1 0.1
Use the aforementioned code as examples to fix existing DamagedPlayer animations events (while moving animations to use the hudanimations_manifest.txt setup).

Happy voting!

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