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A clean and fresh Team Fortress 2 Hud.
Perfect for 6s and Highlander.
Health and Ammo are close to the middle of the screen so you dont need to look arround on the screen to get your information. Perfect for staying focused on the game. Nothing distracting left!

// Add me on steam if you want to ask me something about the hud
// Join my Discord for upcoming updates ->
// How to install my hud ->

Check the Changelog to see the last changes!

HUD Features

Operating Systems Supported?




Mann Vs. Machine
Capture the Flag
Payload Race
Control Points
King of the Hill
Special Delivery
Player Destruction
Territorial Control
Robot Destruction


Custom Fonts
Custom Menus
Extra Scoreboards
HUD Crosshairs
Minmode Toggle
Custom Materials
Easy Customization

Special Thanks

Special Thanks to Bearnaut (BearHUD) for helping me fixing the Download link Big Grin


v 0.2.1 - (Autumn Edition 2nd of October 22:12 CEST)
- Autumn Season Background

- Added Mute Players / Report Players / Call Vote Buttons again
- Medic uber is not longer overlapping whith the healing targetID
> Vaccinator UI bug fixed
>> New Medigun healing UI
- New Spectator Overlay on non Valve Servers (such as servers)
- New DemoSpec Overlay (for watchig Demos)
- Added 'Streak' text to the Killstreak counter
- Fixed a main menu bug causing the 'Find A Game' Buttons being out of sync
- Ammo in reserve and damage numbers have the same color now
- Hopefully fixed the Bug causing the main menu background picture being corrupted for some users

- Fixed a bug that caused the Playermodels in the item selection menu were not being visible sometimes
- Fixed some bugs in the Backpack Panel
> Removed unnecessary 'Delete' and 'No Action' Buttons
>> Added Page Jump Buttons
- Added Restore & Save Map selection buttons in Casual (thx to Forry)
- The Scoreboard can now display max.12 players instead of max.9
- Spy Disguise Status is not longer overlapping with the 3d model of the enemy player
- Fixed a bug causing the ItemQuickSwitch being visable after joining a server (and not going away anymore)

- Made a complete new main menu UI overlay
> Moved every Button to the left
>> Added a Background to the buttons
- Fixed some main menu UI bugs
- Weapon quickswitch menu is now between health and ammo and has a grey background now.

v.0.1.7 Public release
- Removed FSTIV sign in the main menu
- Moved Health and Ammo a bit more to the Bottom corners again
- Moved the Killfeed to the Top right again
- Changed the Main menu background to a forrest picture

- changed main menu background and fixed some UI bugs
- changed damage numbers color from yellow to orange
- changed the spectator overlay

- moved the main menu text such as 'Find A Game'
- changed some scoreboard colors and added a new font for 'Kills/ Deaths / ...'
- Weapon quickswitch menu is now transparent

- changed the FSTIV sign in the main menu
- removed some text shadows
- increased the team score numbers on the scoreboard

- Added FSTIV sign to the main menu
- changed fonts for everything
- changed damage numbers color from blue to yellow

- removed 'Mute Players / Vote / Request Coach' shortbinds
- moved killfeed from top right to bottom left
- personal frags are now white and any others are transparent

- made almost everything transparent (for example: Taunt selection, scoreboard background, ...)

FesHud by fstiv_ (minimal inspired by smeshud)

User Comments

i got windows 10, so I can't download it Sad

you are not alone dude Sad

File is corrupt?

probably but he linked another dl on his steam profile if you wanna try it

Hud and DL are updated now!
Sorry - i worked on the hud a bit so i took the old versions offline Big Grin

Okay after 3 hours i found the issue (thanks to Bearnaut - BearHUD)
DropBox uses auto-download and doesnt like this. So i did disable it.
The Hud is now Downloadable Big Grin
- Sorry for the painfull launch, fstiv_

In the pictures..How did you make your tf2 look like that?

@{A.P.G} If you mean viewmodel of the weapons then he's using minimal viewmodels.

The hud isnt workin pls fix also im on windows 10 if that helps

The hud isnt workin pls fix also im on windows 10 if that helps

woops twice

any way i think its a real clean hud but yeh it aint workin for windows 10

It should work with Windows 10. Im using it on Win10 as well

make sure the file is in: Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom\

@-SRank- No i meant the evironment of the game like the walls and the models of the skin details it looks so low res i wanna know how he (or she) did it like that

Im using a FPS config

Thank you for telling now all i need is the name so i can download it myself

I wrote it myself but you can use "Comanglias FPS config" as well.

Is there a 16v16 scoreboard option? Or is the scoreboard itself 16v16?

no sorry just 12v12 maybe 13v13 but not more

Man how to mute players in this hud

I made this hud mainly on 6s based. So I felt like they're unnecessary but I can add them again in the next version of the HUD if many people want.

Hello I was wondering on the next time you update your hud if you will be adding a custom crosshair pack with it?

I really love the way this HUD looks! Will you be able to be available to us Linux users?

@Chocccc: I'll try to include Hud Crosshairs if wanted

@Dr.Dankinstien: I'm sure you could use my hud on Linux as well. I just couldn't test it yet.

¿where is the store?

@DanielSF go to: Items -> Catalog -> Store
also i wouldnt recommend using the ingame store - its heavily overpriced. You should use instead.

I can't install it on Windows 10 >Sad

@ReeqoGaming: I’m using/developing this hud on win10 myself. Make sure you place the correct folder in the right search part. has an installation guide if you’re unsure.

If i wanted to change the hud a bit, how would I be able to do it? I just had the idea because it says easy customization.thanks.

hudlayout.res for simple changes


Looks Very Nice & Clean. Thanks fstiv_ for this HUD.

pretty gud 10/10


If you like the look of this HUD, feel free to try it by downloading it. Just click the download button below!

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Last Updated: 10-02-2017

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