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Minimalist HUD designed for the discerning sniper.

Transparency and translucency galore, the rest has almost no background to open up your view as much as humanly possible. Small, easy to ignore numbers that are close to the crosshair, so you don't have to take focus off the target for as long.

Closed captions courtesy of Clovervidia are included with the HUD.

Loads of customization, from colors to overrides, alternate main menus, hitmarkers, crosshairs, scoreboard, and if you have an idea for a new one, please do tell me.

More screenshots Here.

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HUD Features

Operating Systems Supported?




Mann Vs. Machine
Capture the Flag
Payload Race
Control Points
King of the Hill
Special Delivery
Player Destruction
Territorial Control
Robot Destruction


Custom Fonts
Custom Menus
Extra Scoreboards
HUD Crosshairs
Minmode Toggle
Custom Materials
Easy Customization


Quartz - Major development of the HUD into the beginnings of something unique some four years ago.

Further thanks for help and assistance go to: Chippy, Garm3n, Sinders, rays, and OMP

Thanks to Clovervidia for the built in captions.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Vissol Ltd. for the creation of Maven Pro, the core font of this HUD, and making the font available to all for free. If you want the font for yourself, the files for all of the types are in the HUD fonts folder, alternatively, you can download the font right here.


KBNHud v426 (4/1/17)
Added full support for PASS Time with customized UI elements.

Added full support for Mannpower mode.

Added preliminary support for PD and RD gamemodes, as dead as they are.

Added all new engineer building panels, with full transparency and reduced size of the sentry panel.

Updated some colors.

Shifted player class figure to the left to stop majority of clipping with PASS Time elements.

Fixed clipping of high ammocount weapons (i.e. Engy pistol) and the killstreak counter.

Fixed some navigation by arrow key setup on the default main menu for what few steam controller uses may pick this HUD up.

Fixed notifications button not appearing on the simple list main menu

KBNHud v425 (3/20/17)
Updated casual/comp timer panels to not use default TF2 BG, instead it now uses custom one that fits the HUD better.

Minor fixes and changes to the MvM (does anyone even still play that?) elements

Considered shrinking objective based elements such as the CP/KOTH indicators, CTF indicators, and Payload indicators and then placing them at the top of the screen, but decided it would use up too much of the upper view and leave the bottom of screen underutilized, creating obstuctions at one part of the screen unnecessarily.

KBNHud v424 (12/24/16)
Updated menu for Smissmas 2016

Late as hell (almost two weeks :/), but thanks for another amazing year of KBNHud, this is now five years in, and still going. Hell, I made this HUD on my dad's old iMac, which has since died, worked on it on my old PC build, and that too has died and been replaced with my current monster. Jeez man. Never thought a HUD would outlive two computers.

KBNHud v423A1 (11/29/16)
Actually fixed FPS drops with the damaged player event

KBNHud v423 (11/29/16)
Added newer version of better advanced options menu

Fixed FPS drops with the damaged player event

Fixed end of match survey screwing up

Fixed most other glaring issues

KBNHud v422 (7/20/16)
Removed fat borders from most default backgrounds to bring a large majority of the HUD elements in line with KBNHud styling

Almost totally replaced use of default TF2 font with KBNHud font, Maven Pro. TF2 font is now a fairly rare thing to see. (Bigger change than you may think it is.)

Fixed team names on scoreboard, removed team icon overrides for better competitive mode compatibility and visual simplicity, team names are now given more space on scoreboard

Updated visual design and placement of the tournament mode player panels

Made color of casual/comp player panel health bars more visible

Cleaned up disjointed versions of the same thing, ie the inspect panel being different in the killcam, the button activated panel, spectator, and tournament spectator

KBNHud v421A4 (7/9/16)
Fixed error in hudlayout.res that was causing the HUD to be non functional

Fixed remaining casual and comp display errors

KBNHud v421A3 (7/8/16)
Fixed minor errors due to internal code batch identifiers changing in the last update, causing competitive elements to not display properly

KBNHud v421A2 (7/7/16)
Fixed main menu buttons not functioning

Removed tile main menu due to needing extended fixing

KBNHud v421 (7/7/16)
Fixed HUD not loading due to new versioning system, along with some main menu issues

KBNHud v420A6 (6/9/16)
Fixed missing demo options in advanced options menu.

Fixed Ammo counters having pink and cyan shades and made them show up white again after three years of this issue persisting.

KBNHud v420A5 (5/12/16)
Fixed broken winpanel. Unfortunately, the existing winpanel could not be fixed, and so I made a new one, and with it, a matching Arena winpanel.

Fixed team coloring on KOTH round timers.

Fixed arena team counters

KBNHud v420A4 (3/25/16)
Added new main menu Streamer button, see people currently streaming TF2 on to all main menus.

Changed custom main menu background to one of my hometown, the game is to see who knows what town it is and its historical significance.

Fixed round timers not appearing in and out of comp mode.

Fixed missing animation for in game player icons at the top of the screen.

KBNHud v420A3 (3/18/16)
Added new player panels for comp mode at the top of the screen, compatibility for stress test 8+9

Moved chatbox to top left corner to prevent overlapping with tournament spectator panels

KBNHud v420A2 (3/12/16)
Added Clovervidia's captions to the HUD as a default part of the package. To make them work (on any OS), you must add the following to your autoexec.cfg:

                closecaption 1
                cc_subtitles 0
                cc_lang "clovervidiar"
                cc_predisplay_time 0
Fixed Main menu Stress test icons

Fixed issues in ClientScheme and Hudlayout

Fixed issue with main HUD font and all other custom fonts not loading properly unless the fonts were installed to your computer.

Special thanks to Clovervidia for the captions

KBNHud v420A1 (3/5/16)
Fixed error with advanced options menu where FPS cap could be set resetting itself to 30 from 300. (Removed option entirely)

KBNHud v420 (3/4/16)
Added new, tile main menu, based off the guts of the RevHUD menu, with multiple modifications to improve aesthetics and layout, added as an override.

Added improved advanced options menu, with game settings autoloader, i.e it autoloads max fps config when selected, with no need of restarting the game, and the setting will persist after a game restart.

Added classic KBNHud class selection screen, complete with "E" for loadout and "R" for random class keyboard shortcuts as override.

Added custom main menu background, a lovely picture of my home.

Added keyboard shortcuts to the default class selection menu, cleaned up the file.

Changed Default Main menu to Maven Pro font and added DemoUI button, also changed some icons.

Fixed for compliance with competitive beta.

Fixed simple main menu, internally overhauling it in the process.

Fixed all current console errors pertaining to issues in HUD files after putting it off for literal years, HUD should cause exactly ZERO console errors now.

Fixed duel status panel in highlander mini-scoreboard.

Special thanks to Dave|7corners for helping me fix the dueling stats panel, and to Decimation for the basis of the advanced options menu, and to ZHnecc for helping design the new tile menu.

KBNHud v419A2 (2/2/16)
Fixed new team icons (eeugh) not showing up on scoreboard. Team names will also properly show up when in tournament mode and names are set by the team.

Changed default scoreboard to one that has no team icons, enabled by a patch made to the game, and created overrides for either the sixes or highlander boards to not have team icons (default) or to have them. Note that having the icons significantly reduces the space for competitive team names on all the boards, especially the small boards. (Hotfix 1)

KBNHud v419 (2/1/16)
Fixed scoreboard cutting off player names. Done by reducing space between other elements. Names will still be cut off on the sixes and highlander scoreboards due to the reduced overall width, but it is far less obnoxious than before. If the Ping value is cut off in the minmode scoreboards, disable and re-enable minmode. Did the trick for me.

Fixed overlapping of item meters, and in the process, standardized the design of all the item effect meters to the same style, wide and thin instead of a mix of that and thick, short ones. To tell the difference, simply remember that the order in which the meters are stacked corresponds to which weapon slot they read from. If a scout has the Soda Popper/Baby Face's Blaster, Mad Milk/Cleaver, and the Sandman/Wrap Assassin equipped, the Soda Popper/Blaster meter will be on top, Milk/Cleaver in the middle, and Sandman/Assassin at the bottom. Same for Soldier's Grordbort weapons, Focus meter over Jarate, Loose Cannon over Shield charge/Sticky carge, etc.

User Comments

It not working

It not working

How is it not working. I can't help if you don't provide details.

I can't see health and ammo

I am aware of the bug, I asked Sinders about it. He says that it is a random bug that comes and goes, and is basically impossible to be recreated on the developer's end. I would say try a total HUD reinstall, failing that, redownload, failing that, I will roll back to v412A2 and try to fix A3.

How do I get rid of the crosshair around the crosshair?

There is an override for it. In overrides/hitmarker/Without Hit Marker/scripts, you will find a copy of hudlayout.res. Replace the installed copy of the file in tf/custom/KBNHud/scripts with the override and restart the game.

Thanks !


No problem.

hud is 8/8 m8 I r8 gr8

this does not work on mac i installed it correctly but it does not work in game.

What part of it doesn't work?

the whole thing, i launch up the game and its just default.

NVM IGNORE ME IM JUST DUMB, i had to click into the kbn folder and drag it into my custom file, sorry for the trouble.

there was another file inside of the kbn folder that i had to drag.

Yeah, the info.vdf is required for the HUD to activate when the game launches.

i dont like the custom picture when you start up tf2 on loading screen how i make it deafult?

Delete /materials/console. In console are the menu pictures. Without the mod file, they will revert to the usual pl_upward image.

I love the HUD, I have a couple of questions.
1. How do I get the scoreboard like the one in the preview?
2. How do I change the size of the crosshairs?

1. That is an override scoreboard. To get the minimal scoreboard, simply enable minmode. The default one will be a Sixes (6v6) mini board. In the Overrides folder is an option to change that out for the Highlander (9v9) minmode board.

2. That involves changing several entries in ClientScheme.res, font entries specifically. The font size would have to be increased, along with placement changes.

Why isn't the circle centered? please help.

Because of your screen resolution. The default setting is centered for 1080p monitors, but everyone has a different screen, and if you have a different resolution, there is a way to fix it, explained in the readme files in the download. If you need any clarification on the instructions given there, add me on steam and I can walk you through it.

10/10 Best hud in the website

When i want to change the circle place it and do hud_reloadscheme in the console but it didnt work it said "KeyValues Error: RecursiveLoadFromBuffer: got EOF instead of keyname in file scripts/HudLayout.res
Resource/HudLayout.res, DefaultHitmarker,
KeyValues Error: RecursiveLoadFromBuffer: got EOF instead of keyname in file scripts/HudLayout.res
Resource/HudLayout.res, (*DefaultHitmarker*),
Failed to load resource/UI/HudItemEffectMeter_Action.res
KeyValues Error: RecursiveLoadFromBuffer: got EOF instead of keyname in file resource/UI/HudInspectPanel.res
resource/UI/HudInspectPanel.res, (*itempanel*), (*ItemLabel*)"

Why can't I see target health? No cross or anything.

i really like your hud its kinda like basthud can you please make a basthud?

This hud is good but I just don't like the way the main menu is designed.

I like to know if you add a pack for transparent viewmodels as I love this hud but it doesn't have it

I'm still having bad framerate when i'm shooting a player, do you know why ?

Doesnt work for me for some reason. Im on a mac and it says mac supported

You didn't really make a HUD, you made files for a HUD and demanded us to put the shit together for it to work. Too fucking complicated.

Great job! How exactly can I change the MainMenu to look like this one: (from your SS Album - the one I liked most) ?

Nice hud.Keep update it

I like it, but I have two questions:
-Can you support passtime?
-If no, why?

It not working

It not werking

It not wanking

The "simple list main menu" ( doesn't show up any alert messages to me, including new item alerts. Is there any way to fix it? That main menu is by far the best looking one.

can you upload a screenshot to the album that shows what a full medic charge looks like? ty!

I'm new to; could someone help me understand how to actually install a HUD to TF2?
I click the Macbook button, but nothing appears to happen. (and yes, i use macbook pro) Could someone explain if i'm doing something wrong?

oh wait i'm stupid
theres a green download button

is there any way to center the ubercharge meter (as in make it small and under the crosshair)?

I got it to work until i started editing things, now it doesn't display your HUD anymore. Halp!


just one small complaint.can you move al the health and ammo things a bit down?

but otherwise BEEEEEE OOOO TIFUL hud

Hey! I really enjoy the hud but I have a question, how do you enable that purple outlined crosshair inside the circle? I can't find it in the hudlayout.

Hey, how do I remove the closed captions? Thanks

I wanted to remove the black ring around the crosshair because it was both distracting, and annoying. I read the instructions to the hud and it talked about moving these random things in the scripts. I have no idea what it's talking about. I've been searching for hours for a good hud, and this was it, but that damn black ring ruins it. I think a video would be better.

@Wuro A video is entirely possible, hell, I may make one for all the stuff in the readme. To answer your question, go to KBNHud-master\Overrides\Hit Marker\Without Hit Marker\scripts\hudlayout.res. Replace the default hudlayout.res file with that one. As for what it changes, it switches a single 0/1 value to 0. At the top of hudlayout.res, there is a code batch called "DefaultHitmarker." The value for the "visible" line is changed from "1" to "0"

Please fix the 3 Modes because i like this HUD i really like this HUD, and it's so clean I JUST WANT IT BUT I WANT YOU GUYS TO FIX THE 3 MODES. Capital Letters.

3 Modes? Which ones?

the game wont even load the hud for me

Something went wrong after i installed it, i tryed to launch tf2(on mac). Then something came up, it did not let me enter the game. I have no clue what to do, plz help. Because i cant play tf2

It's corrupt, ZIP won't extract. How far I'm aware, it's possibly a virus, since they're often corrupt. If you didn't add a virus, make sure there is no accidental virus inside the ZIP.

Hey nvm the virus thing, it probably installed it wrong inside my browser. It's working now after a reinstall. =)

That happens occasionally. GitHub's server may have gone potato for a second and messed up the download stream.

how do I change the background of the main menu(the file path to the image), so I can change it myself to a different image?

Btw Really nice hud you made there, by far the best one I've used!!!

never mind don't answer my question, I found out.

Could you update the charge bar for the Loose Cannon? I think it's broken.


HOw can i move the animated caracter from left-downt to see that from front, not from a side plsss.And how can i remove the circle from around the aim(or crosshair)

doest work!!!

No me funciona Sad osea lo descargo y todo pero nd que lastima era la que mas me atraia

This is problaby the best hud that i´ve ever played with!! But the featured screen on the main menu gets very annoying, how can I remove it?


If you like the look of this HUD, feel free to try it by downloading it. Just click the download button below!

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Last Updated: 04-01-2017

If you're unsure how to install a HUD, check out our installation guide to help you through it.


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