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Originally based off an old yA version. Hope you guys like it. Updates are typically delayed because I'm a full-time student, but I love TF2 and can't live without this HUD anymore, so you can always expect an update at some point. You should grab 4Plug to take full advantage of the customization of this hud.

website | screenshots | github | group | google doc | 4plug

HUD Features

Operating Systems Supported?




Mann Vs. Machine
Capture the Flag
Payload Race
Control Points
King of the Hill
Special Delivery
Player Destruction
Territorial Control
Robot Destruction


Custom Fonts
Custom Menus
Extra Scoreboards
HUD Crosshairs
Minmode Toggle
Custom Materials
Easy Customization


whayay - original yA_HUD base

Special Thanks

doodle - excellent guide and resource list



- cleaned up backpack ui
- cleaned up class loadout ui
- cleaned up item selection ui
- cleaned up store pages
- expanded player model area in loadout panel

User Comments

this absolutely amazing thank you for making this

Sevin, you are freaking astounding.

Not bad. Not bad at all. Very clean, minimalist look to it. Simple yet beautiful.

Where do you see your kills?

The killfeed? The same place as the default HUD.

can you change the main menu plz c: everything is cool and great but chnage the main menu if you got ideas

the engi build menu is broken but a good hud c:

I might just be blind but there doesn't seem to be a button to check heavy vs. pyro screen

I see a wierd A B C D "equipped" window with a scrollbar on top of the hud???? what is this, also cant change weapons with number keys Sad otherwise this would be my dream hud.

I am also having the same problem that @jalkkuk1 is having anybody know of a fix?


How do I increase the font size for the Scoreboard? Seem too small for me

The equipped window is some quickswitch thing that I think Valve broke. If it happens again, just put "-quickswitch" in console.

does this thing work with the new update?

does this thing work with the new update?

is there a way to make the cloak, jar, shield bar a bit thicker because it would be a lot better and easier to see

Sorry about this comment but, First of all, the engineer part of the hud does is broken, Several things are out of place there. Second, When I receive Items from a trade, I click the button to view my items. How ever It takes such a long time. I constantly click it but still does not load. I just play on and 10 minutes later I get the items. This problem only exists in this hud. I am currently using Flaw hud and I find it easier to acces my Items, Hud and a lot others. And Again. Sorry for the comment. I just needed to point this out ^^

Hey, just one question. Are you planning on working on the screen resolutions so that it's compatible with all screens? If so, approx. how long will/would it take?


Also (just briefly) when I open up the character selection menu some of the cosmetics I am using are invisible? I works with some of the cosmetics but for my MacBook it appears to be invisible?


Reminds me of mHUD. My only complaint is that the scoreboard is way off to the side, and the stats under it are hard to understand

Would love to see a much more easier customizing tool for this,like toon hud's customisation

Is it just me or is the min mode broken?

Oh wait nvm, it doesn't support it...

i cant taunt Sad

Whenever I join a server a transparent gray box appears in the top middle of the screen. On the sides theres 3 columns with the letters A B and C if I remember correctly. On the right side there's a scroller that I can't use and in the middle of the screen it says "Press f4 to ready up". Even tho I do so it won't dissappear. I've tried to in Matcyhmaking and also in tf2center when you have to press f4 when your team is ready, please help since I love everything about the hud excpet having that box when I play.

Why does this HUD and AntsHud share the same bugs? The player models seem poorly textured and don't look up to date, and their eyes are black. Also make it when your health is low and shows red, make it so when you get healed it slowly fades into clear instead of suddenly becoming clear, same goes with overheal. When you join tf2 make the background map a different map every time instead of only being Suijin. Sometimes when I picked a class, half of the screen turned black and showed the class I was picking twice. Please take these bugs and ideas into consideration. Thanks for reading.

pyrofuzions hud

I'm not getting any of these bugs.

Not suijin, I mean't barnblitz.

I really like the hud but the scoreboard does not look like in the screenshots. Mine is way smaller and all in all it does not look like it...

nvmd these bugs are showing up D:

None of the bugs you mentioned are bugs, Optic. The 3D models function like your in-game settings; if your settings are low, the 3D models will look bad. The screen turning black is a function of the HUD not using the default background. Every HUD that does not use the default background (which is most), has this issue. I will consider your animations suggestions. If you don't like the Barnblitz background, get a different one. I like it.

sevin i cant taunt and theres a big box at the top with abc on it

My favorite HUD. I love it and highly recommend it! The only problem I have with it is that the HUD doesn't show how many times your teleporter has been used (which is a stat I really like having even though it's not that useful), so if that could be added maybe as optional, it'd be perfect!

This doesn't work perfectly with mac, with stuff like the bottom of the scoreboard overlapping and stuff, but still a great hud nonetheless!

Hey dude , i love the hud by it's looks.May you make it compatible with 4:3 too?I'd love to have it Big Grin

I think I may have fixed Dock11 for Windows, but only for the numbers. But that should be good enough for the health/ammo, right?
So basically all I did was use FontForge to copy the number glyphs from Dock11 Heavy to another font, Expressa Heavy.

Here's the result:

(install the font)

Then I replaced Neutra Display Titling with Expressa Heavy.

The font seems to work on my Windows PC:

My ancient monitor is 1366x768, so I'm not sure if it would work for other resolutions.
I dunno if you still want to use Dock11 for Windows. But I personally love the font (it's nice and thicc).


Plz make 16:10 compatible

Please make it 4:3 compatible too

Schitt, that's cool! I knew that I could just modify the font as you've done, but I came to much prefer the Neutra font. I may just modify it for the Mac branch as well.

To everyone asking for aspect ratio compatibility, I'm afraid they are just not feasible for me to support. Making them compatible would require a lot of minor and some major revisions all over the HUD. Since aspect ratio tags don't actually work, I would need to have separate files for all of the things I change and that would just be more trouble than it's worth, especially since my monitor is 16:9 and I would need to boot TF2 into other resolutions just to make and check changes.

No problem anymore , i got now a 16:9 monitor that works perfectly and is really amazing and i personally LOVE your hud , the background on the main screen and loading screen when connecting to servers looks so calm , relaxing and nice.

Also , i'm using it without 4Plug , can you give me a link to the working one?The one from the site u gave in HUD LINKS is now invalid.

Yeah, I'm quite proud of the menu/loading screen. Nothing too fancy, but the background just works so well for text and I love Barnblitz anyway.

The download for 4Plug is no longer available. Four (the developer), stopped updating the project awhile ago and the link has expired. Don't know where else to get it, sorry man.


i cant use my number keys with this hud (1-9)

i love this hub but there is a Big problem there is this big see throw black box at the top of the screen and it wont let me Use the numbers like switch weapons and taunts and voice commands

i have this same glitch on mac. please fix

Just put -quickswitch in your autoexec to fix those problems. Or just use hud_reloadscheme in console while in-game.

Alright so if you still got 4Plug in your pc, mind you uploading it to mediafire or something?Would really love to have it :p

Least doesn't look something made in hudcreater

four recently updated his links so the download for it should still work. MegaHello, my HUD pre-dates HudCreator by a couple years.

coes anyone still want to get 4plug? i still have it

The links still work. There is no need.

does it change the skin of the sentry and other building? I am asking because Delfy (a tf2 youtuber) has this hud and his buildings have a different skin

is there a way to remove the boxes around the health and ammo? also is there a way to change the color of the health and ammo?


If you like the look of this HUD, feel free to try it by downloading it. Just click the download button below!

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Last Updated: 01-02-2017

If you're unsure how to install a HUD, check out our installation guide to help you through it.


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