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Easy TF2 Crosshairs - Mod Release
While fucking around with some HUD stuff, I decided I was going to split my Crosshairs up in such a way that I'd be able to easily transfer them from one HUD to another. Using #base, I created this, which in turn can go from one HUD to any with just a few lines of code. Nothing fancy, really.

There's a full readme included which dumbs it down fairly well for those who haven't got the foggiest, but for most others who have a slight understanding of HUDs, you should hopefully find this useful.

Feedback would be appreciated, maybe help me word my guide better if it's shit. I'm bad at writing.


Changelog Wrote:V1.0.2

More Crosshairs!
• Broesel's Crosshairs
• ToonHUD Crosshairs
• Whahay's Crosshairs (YaHUD)

Customization Changes
• Crosshair Size, Crosshair Outline and Crosshair Blur now supported by specific font names. No more restarting for Crosshair Size changes!
• Separated fragile code further away from code you'll actually want to change.

Other Stuff
• Fixed errors within the README. Also updated the README in general to reflect recent changes.
• Changed where the Crosshairs folder needs to go. You'll now need to put the folder into the resource folder. All mentions of directories within files have been changed to reflect these changes.
Pretty neat.
I would love if you added KnuckleCrosses. It has a good variety.
(07-03-2016, 10:33 AM)Vinzi Wrote: Pretty neat.
I would love if you added KnuckleCrosses. It has a good variety.

They're already included.

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