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The New HUD Submission System is now live!
Posted on 19th May 2016 at 08:15 PM by omnibombulator

After a few weeks (months? I've forgotten already), the New HUD Submission System is now live! What does this mean for the site? Well, here's the changes:

(Obviously). The new submission system uses the forums as a base to create dynamic, self-managed HUD pages. No more sending an update form and waiting for me to deal with it! You can do it all yourself!

HUD Submissions will still need to be accepted, but I'm not the only one who will be doing it! staff can now accept submissions as well! Waiting times should now be significantly smaller.

Certain members of the HUD Community will be given the title of HUD Developer. Not only does this status make your user title different on the site (woah, you're different!), you'll also be exempt from the HUD Submission queue. You won't need to wait for your submissions to be accepted.

However, with the new system, only the HUD Developer of the HUD that is being submitted can submit that HUD. No more random submissions by people who do not manage the HUD, sorry!

With the new system, comes a new HUD Directory. You can find it at the usual URL of The old directory can be found here.

Along with the main directory, the news page now features the latest submitted HUDs rather than 3 random HUDs.

There's also a bunch of new search functions for filtering HUDs, including downloads, gamemodes and ratings, which is explained a little better below...

With the new Directory, comes a whole bunch of new features for HUD pages. HUD pages can now track Downloads, as well as users being able to leave comments and leave a rating on HUDs!

Users can now see what Gamemodes HUDs support, as well as HUD Developers being able to submit Changelogs.

The installation guides button has also been redone a tad, with the option to now choose which Operating System you're using and go directly to the guide you're after.

HUD Developers can update their own Submissions by clicking the Update/Edit Button on the HUD page. Only the HUD Developer of the submitted HUD can edit their page, so there's no need to worry about someone else doing it and ruining their submission.

Unfortunately, this new system removes the nice, tidy, custom URLs for HUD pages. We'll be looking into making this a possibility in the future, but for now, you'll have to deal with the URL you're given.

With these new features, there are also new rules in place, so make sure you read up on them on the submission page.

Hopefully the new system makes everybody's user experience at a lot easier. A lot of the features that have been added have been asked for by many users for a long time, so I'm glad that they've finally been able to be added.

The new system could probably still use some work, and feedback would be greatly appreciated! I want to get better, and this new system makes that a huge possibility.


TF2 HUD Update for April 25th, 2016
Posted on 25th April 2016 at 09:03 PM by omnibombulator

Another update, another post to explain the stuff that Valve broke. Oh boy!

Before I start, check out the file diffs here.

Modified Files:

Changes to resource/ui/hudmatchstatus.res come from resource/ui/hudtournament.res
Many of the changes made to resource/ui/hudmatchstatus.res is existing code that comes from resource/ui/hudtournament.res. check out the file diffs to see what has been moved. If you've edited any of the code that existed in hudtournament, just copy it into hudmatchstatus and you should be good to go.

Changes to Win Panel/HUD Animations
Valve added new animations to scripts/hudanimations_tf.txt, which most notably affects the Win Panel. You can check all the differences to the HUD Animations and Win Panel in their respective files (notable changes to the Win Panel are image backgrounds being changed to borders).

However, the following code in scripts/hudanimations_tf.txt is absolutely vital for HUD developers to change if they wish to have their Win Panel showing correctly.

event WinPanel_CompPos
Animate WinPanel ypos 115 Linear 0 0

event WinPanel_NormalPos
Animate WinPanel ypos 215 Linear 0 0
You'll need to change the ypos 115/215 to mirror your scripts/hudlayout.res WinPanel ypos, otherwise your Win Panel may end up missing or positioned incorrectly on your HUD.

You'll also be required to make changes to "BlueScoreBG", "RedScoreBG" and "WinPanelBGBorder" inside resource/ui/winpanel.res. You also need to make sure that the "BlueLeaderAvatar", "BlueLeaderAvatarBG", "RedLeaderAvatar" and "RedLeaderAvatarBG" elements are also defined correctly in this file as well. Failing to do so will result in the Win Panel incorrectly loading the Team Names and Score (for some reason).

Other than that, all the other file changes aren't too important and are mostly just xpos/ypos/if_comp position changes. Just follow the diff files linked above if you're lost on anything, or post in this thread if you could do with some help.

If your HUD is featured on, you are required to update your HUD by Friday, 29th April or your HUD will be placed into the Outdated section.

BETA TESTERS: If you've submitted your HUD to the new Submission System, you can update your HUD by simply replacing the HUD file with a new version.


New HUD Submission System Beta
Posted on 11th April 2016 at 09:02 PM by omnibombulator

Over the past 2 months or so, I've been hiding away behind slightly, developing a new submission system for the site. Long story short; it's almost done.

The new system takes advantage of the powerful forum software I'm using for the site. Not only is the Submission System improved this way, but the way HUD pages are created and viewed is as well.

The new system allows for HUDs to be submitted and edited freely (with the exception of a first submission, which will always be moderated). You will be able to Rate and Comment on featured HUDs, view Download counts, and search through a way more powerful filter. Looking for Mac Supported HUDs or HUDs that support 5:4 Resolution? Not a problem anymore. It's all improved.

However, I can't test most of these new features alone, so I'm looking for active HUD Developers (preferably anybody who has their HUD featured on the site) to participate in testing these new features. However, other members of the community may also be involved if I see fit. If you're interested, click the link below and get yourself involved. More information on the Beta is also provided there.

HUD Submission Beta

There is no set date to when the Beta will officially begin. I'll probably just start bringing people into it randomly.
If you have any questions, post them below.

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